7 of our Greatest Tips to Help You Connect With Your Crush… Instantly

Having these in your back pocket the next time you talk to your crush will seal the deal!

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Jun 29, 2023
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We all want that Cinderella long-lasting relationship - but think about this for Cinderella and Prince Charming's relationship to make it past midnight they soon had to build an emotional connection! Emotion connections are achievable simply by being real, leaving mind games to your favorite K-Dramas, and being vulnerable with someone you care about. With these 7 tips - make sure you're open and ready to share parts of yourself with someone - especially if you're hoping for them to do the same.

1. "Uh Hello?" - Be Present & Listen

This one sounds simple and it should be, but you would be super surprised by how many people are constantly checking TikTok and Instagram while "listening" to people talk. People really do notice when you're not listening to them. To connect with your crush - make the effort to stay focused. Don't just show up, anyone can do that, you gotta be present, be in the moment, and put your phone away. The next time you take your phone out should ONLY be to share pics or to exchange numbers if you haven't already!

Remember that good communication is EVERYTHING. And one of the most important parts of communication is active listening. So, when you're talking to your crush, pay attention to what they're saying. Don't let your mind wander or worry about what you're gonna say next. Do tell them if there's food in their teeth though (have to look out for them!). Show you're engaged with a head nod or a smile. It shows that you care and you're invested in what they have to say. Just be in the moment and keep an open mind. You might hear something cool and new about your crush!

2. Talk About What You're Into

Finding common interests may be the easiest way to connect with someone - you're literally connecting over connections you share! It strengthens a potential bond and also helps you get to know each other better. Here's the gag, it could be anything you both love: Pics of your pets, Twitter memes, favorite TV shows, similar tastes in music, and hobbies! You'll have something to chat about, but it will show again that you're interested in knowing them as a person, not just as a potential cutie. Win-win!

It's also 100% okay to talk about things that you may not have in common, but that you've always wanted to learn more about. Or things you may not have in common, but you respect! Sharing and celebrating your differences (healthily) is also a great way to launch you into their arms.

3. Confidence Really Is THAT Girl

There's a huge difference between confidence and arrogance. When we say channel your confidence - hype yourself up before meeting up with your crush. Make YOURSELF feel good. Yes, we're getting cheesy, but confidence really comes from you. You have to feel good about you and it'll shine through. So whether that's wearing an outfit that makes you feel good or getting a fresh haircut - all can help boost your confidence.

Positive affirmations every morning can help with the inner part that you may not be so happy with sometimes. Take it one day at a time and please be gentle with yourself, it may not happen overnight! Confidence is noticeable and sexy, but remember there's a fine line, don't cross over into cocky territory.

4. Show Off Your Rizz

As long as you keep it playful and respectful - flirting can help create some undeniable chem and attraction between you and your crush. Plus, it can make some of the nerves go away when chatting and getting to know each other better. And let's be real, flirting can be a major (our #3) confidence boost!

Flirting can be done with words alone (humor and compliments), a smile, your eyes, and a simple arm touch (consensually). Don't be afraid to show off your personality and sense of humor the next time you're hanging out with that special someone.

5. Have Your Crush's Back (When You Can)

Another way to get closer to your crush is to genuinely be in their corner!

If they're going through tough times and have shared it with you, be there for them! Offer to bring them food or just be a listening ear when they need to vent. Maybe it's a situation where they haven't expressed they're having a hard time, but you've heard from a mutual friend or noticed they're distant - send them their favorite song or favorite meme. Wish them well and let them know that you were thinking of them. Never cross a line of getting on a "high horse" or stopping by unannounced if you can find a way to support them from afar. Especially if isn't anything serious.

The support doesn't always have to be during bad times, maybe your person is heavily involved in a band, a sport, or in theater - purchase a ticket to their show and support them!

Being down for your crush in a genuine way means you'll have a deeper connection with them and show them that you really care about them. The kind of connection some may be jealous of! And who knows? Your support could be the thing that helps take your relationship to the next level. Remember to only do what you're comfortable doing!

6. Leave The Mind Games To TV

We've all seen the mystery dramas and the back and forward and the "playing hard to get" - it gives very early 2010s. Don't play mind games with your crush - you won't get any closer to them that way. As lame as it may sound, as many times as your mom has said it and your daily after-school special - BE YOURSELF.

Most people can see right through someone pretending to be someone they aren't. We've all seen Mean Girls. You'll also grow tired of trying to keep up a facade. Also think of it this way, if you want your crush to fall for someone else besides the real you - then why are you doing all of this?

Mind games are exhausting - you'll drain yourself and push your crush away or turn them off in the process. It's one thing to be playful and reserved and not go all in immediately. Take things at your pace and don't let anyone force you into something you're not ready for. What we mean is, don't pretend you're not interested or pretend you're talking to other people to pique your crush's interest.

Being manipulated sucks and it's an awful way to build trust and connect with someone. If you have concerns or questions, keep things open and honest - it'll be better in the long run. :)

7. GLHF - Good Luck, Have Fun!

As all of the gamers say - GLHF! This applies here too, please remember to have fun!

Let loose and show them you're a fun person! Whether it's online while chatting and gaming or while you're out hanging out together. Make sure if all else fails to remain positive if you can and prioritize having a good time! This shows you're confident and comfortable in your own skin.

You want your crush to call you up or accept an invite from you again - leave the drama at the door and work at the office!

We wish you luck! Remember there's no right or wrong way to go about exploring these options. You might even come to the conclusion that your current crush isn't THE crush you want to connect with ultimately and that's okay! There could be someone else out there who's a better match for you. Don't forget to love and value yourself throughout the process - it's important to stay confident even when things get tough. And hey, Beyoncé didn't become Beyoncé overnight, right? Keep at it and you'll find your ideal match in no time!

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