Last Revised: April 8, 2019

Playbuzz-powered campaigns average a 97%+ in-item viewability, confirmed by MOAT.

Playbuzz-powered campaigns attract 99% human, non-fraudulent traffic as confirmed by White Ops.

Playbuzz works with partners that uphold ads.text protocol as part of our commitment to promoting an efficient, effective and transparent publishing environment. Ads.txt, an IAB initiative, stands for Authorised Digital Sellers and is a simple, flexible and secure method that publishers and distributors can use to publicly declare the companies they authorize to sell their digital inventory, in order to improve transparency for programmatic buyers.

Coalition for Better Ads (CBA)
Playbuzz supports the Coalition for Better Ads and recommends promoting and distributing ad formats that uphold a positive user experience and don’t leave consumers frustrated, but instead elevate their consumption experience.

Brand Safety Pledge
Playbuzz is committed to the highest standards of brand safety and consumer privacy. Playbuzz, as a platform which allows for the creation of user generated content (UGC), is generally not the entity creating the content but rather providing the technology platform on which to create it. That being said, the majority of the content created using the Playbuzz platform is created by professional content creators on behalf of premium media owners. Playbuzz employs the following precautions in relation to the minimization of ads appearing against inflammatory content:

1. Playbuzz operates a fully curated and signed-off white list with advertisers and demand partners.

2. Playbuzz employs keyword filtering on domain level: we block inflammatory keywords that are gathered from the actual referral (regarding Branded Experiences ads).

3. Playbuzz employs other commercially reasonable endeavors (including but not limited to contractual arrangements, utilization of Authorized Digital Sellers, etc.) to minimize objectionable ads on its owned & operated (O&O) domains.

4. Playbuzz uses 3rd party traffic and content verification tools

Take Down Policy
In the event that an ad should appear against content deemed inappropriate, upon written notice Playbuzz will strive to conduct an investigation, a mitigation plan and if deemed necessary, removal, within 24 hours of notice but not later than 2 business days of such written notice, or within the timescales in agreed terms and conditions.