Which Aladdin Song Is Your Anthem?

Aladdin has some of the most toe-tapping music in any Disney movie, don't you agree?

Carly Wallace
Created by Carly Wallace
On Sep 13, 2022
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Alan Menken is the genius behind the Aladdin songs and collaborated with Benj Pasek and Justin Paul to create new songs for the live action version. But, Aladdin songs go way back; just as many classic Disney songs do.

The official Aladdin movie soundtrack contains 48 songs and a whopping 2 official albums. That's a whole LOT of Aladdin songs. From "Arabian Nights" to "A Whole New World," many adults can agree that they grew up on these classics... I mean, everyone knows them... Right? Aladdin songs and the movie in general have shaped many people's childhood, and they're fun for all to sing.

So, as you go through this quiz... think: What song represents you? Which Aladdin song is YOUR anthem? By the way, if you think you already know, complete the quiz to see if your answer aligns with ours emoji

Choose a color:

What is your favorite Disney movie?

What is your favourite Disney song NOT from Aladdin?

Which Disney Princess do you relate to the most?

What Disney villain do you relate to most?

Which Aladdin quote do you relate to the most?

Which Aladdin secondary character do you relate to most?

Which Genie-ism do you relate to the most?

Your Anthem is...A Whole New World!

Your Anthem is...A Whole New World!

You have a free flowing and dream like personality. As a true idealist you really believe that life can be a magic carpet ride and that it can take you anywhere you choose to go. In addition to being a huge dreamer, you are also very committed to your dreams, which makes you reach for success more than others.

Your Anthem is...Friend Like Me!

Your Anthem is...Friend Like Me!

You have a playful, fun personality and it seems like you're constantly joking, almost to . a detriment. It's almost like you're constantly doing a stand-up comedy routine, much to the delight of your friends. You have a kind spirit and you find joy in entertaining others.

Your Anthem is....Prince Ali!

Your Anthem is....Prince Ali!

Wow, you are a big personality. You were the popular one in school and you're the leader of your friend group. When you walk into a room, everyone looks your way because of the presence and energy you're emitting. You were born to be royalty and you know it!

Your Anthem is...Arabian Nights!

Your Anthem is...Arabian Nights!

You are a more reserved, quiet type. You have mysterious ere to you that people are so intrigued about. You are also very studious and like studying and looking into things. With your analytical mind you will be very successful!

Do you feel the Aladdin song you received in your result is accurate?

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