Find Out What Makes You Happy

Turns out your simple joys are everyone else's too

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Jan 24, 2021

You know that moment when you find a dollar on the ground and you can't help but smile from ear to ear? Or what about when you're trying to get a cute baby's attention and they smile at you? All these little moments that make you happy make others happy too! Simple moments in our every day lives that often go unrecognized are common joys for most people around the world. Read on to be reminded of the little things in life that are just tooooo good to keep you from smiling...


When your latest song obsession comes on

Discovering a new song that you really love is one thing, but hearing it randomly on the radio is a whole new level of excitement.


A perfectly sunny 72°F day

That hits-the-spot type of weather. Not too hot, not too cold. Can get away with wearing a sweater, but can also get away with wearing shorts. Does it get any better than this?


Waking up and thinking it's time to get out of bed, but then realizing you have three more hours to sleep

It simply doesn't get any better than waking up and thinking you have to get up, but realizing you have HOURS left before your alarm goes off... Back to sleep I go!


Free food

Need we say more?


Not getting charged extra for guac at Chipotle

An automatic win. And you never know if it's because of your order, or the employee being kind... But we'll never question it.


Warm towels or blankets straight from the dryer

While clean laundry is nice, that feeling of warm, comfy laundry is like no other. Cuddling in fresh blankets is unbeatable.


A fresh manicure or haircut

Nails done, hair done, everything did. Getting a fresh manicure or a new haircut has us feeling like a whole new person! Anyone else just feel complete after?


Taking off your bra and/or pants at the end of the night

Freeeee at last!!! It's at that moment you can fully relax, you've let everything loose and can finally just chill.


Baby animals

Because let's face it... baby-anythings are adorable. Their cute faces, innocent mistakes and smaller than normal bodies just can't help but make us smile.


When you drop your phone and it doesn't crack

That sense of saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars is a relief like no other. These mistakes with no consequences have us thanking whoever was by our side!

Did even just reading all these make you feel happy?

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