Tired of Watching Netflix? Try These Quizzes Instead

We rounded up January's most popular quizzes, wanna give them a try?

Liat Kazir
Created by Liat Kazir
On May 11, 2021
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Although we're over a month into 2021, our normal routine still seems so distant, and in many places, Covid restrictions are still ongoing.

In an effort to help clear your mind and boost your mood, even if just for a moment, we’ve gathered the 9 most popular quizzes of January.

Pick the best food combinations to find out.

While some celebrities go by the name they were given at birth, many do not.

With populations being drastically different all around the world, how well do you think you could guess the 2020 population of a select 15 countries?

It's time to find out how much you know about general astrology.

Once you've watched Bridgerton, you know how important it is to receive approval from the Queen.

Turns out 6th graders have quite extensive vocabulary words in their spelling bees.

What about tube tops, bandanas, or even tracksuits - should we be wearing them?

"Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible".