Score At Least 75% On This Bridgerton Trivia Quiz For Approval From The Queen

Find out what the Queen thinks of you

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Feb 15, 2021

Once you've watched Bridgerton, you know how important it is to receive approval from the Queen. She has lots of control over what goes on in the town, and she tries her hardest to be in charge of who can get married that season. You must show grace, intelligence, talent and strong social skills in the society. Prove your worthiness by scoring at least 75% on the trivia quiz below!


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Which character hides their passion and talent for sketching and painting?

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True or False:
Bridgerton is based off a series of novels

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When was Bridgerton released on Netflix?

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True or False:
Anthony Bridgerton is the eldest of Bridgerton children

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Who is revealed as Lady Whistledown?

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True or False:
The Duke of Hastings always wanted children of his own

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Who is in love with Colin Bridgerton?

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True or False: Will Mondrich intentionally threw his boxing match in an attempt to make money

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During which time period does Bridgerton take place?

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True or False: Siena Rosso ends her steamy affair with Anthony Bridgerton

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Would the Queen approve of you?

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