Planning For A Successful Giving Tuesday Fundraising Campaign 

Created by Oliviasmith
On Jul 13, 2019
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Planning For A Successful Giving Tuesday Fundraising Campaign 

Giving Tuesday, a global giving day which happens every year occurs on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving in countries like the U.S.A. This event has helped raise funds for non-profit or charitable causes since it was inaugurated in 2012.
Just last year, the donations gotten from the Giving Tuesday campaign rose to $300 million from $177 million in 2016, a mind-blowing 69% increase.

But while that is quite a lot, Giving Tuesday had humble beginnings when it was formed seven years ago by 92 Street Y in New York City. They came up with a strategy to reduce the fuzz about Black Friday by incorporating the spirit of giving in individuals, groups, communities and organizations. What turned as a simple idea has now become a global event.

Giving Tuesday this year will take place on the 3rd of December and the date is fast approaching. So why not make adequate preparations and early if you plan to have a successful Giving Tuesday campaign this year.

If you are one of those looking to have a successful fundraising campaign on that day, here are some steps you should follow:

Make Adequate Preparations Early

Most people don’t give because others are giving or because they are asked to do that. Some plan to donate before the day, and you can reach out to this group by sending email newsletters to them, so they plan for them. You could also remind them through social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp, so they are motivated and inspired to give.

Planning can never be over-emphasized as it ensures it meets your desired targets and creates a blueprint on processes to take to achieve set goals.

Use Fundraising Campaign resources

You could advertise using popular sources such as hashtags on Twitter, promotional videos using videos from the previous years and its impact on the recipients of such donations. This goes a long way in helping you reach out to a broader audience.

Organize Events if you’re Targeting a larger Audience

If you’re hoping to reach out to a broader audience such as communities and large organizations, organizing a rally beforehand might not be a bad idea. You could make printed T-shirts with catch headlines which should be able to convince people to make donations. You should have a means of communication with people during such events (flyers, banners, etc.)

Also telling a compelling story during such rallies have proven to have a positive effect on the masses, as they are likely to give out of compassion or pity.

In conclusion, do whatever appeals to their conscience, and even the most spend-thrifty person would release funds to further your cause.