How Solar Lanterns & Other Products Are Revolutionizing Off-Grid Communities

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On Feb 24, 2018
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Many parts of the world have advanced technologically, but some places still cannot see the light—literally. Manufacturers of solar lanterns and solar powered lights are working to change that.
In the US, the UK and other developed countries, people have reliable access to electricity and lighting. Sadly, that is not the case for many people living in off-grid communities worldwide. When the sun goes down, the lives of these people can get put on hold. Businesses cannot stay open in the dark. Children cannot study for classes without light either.
Far too often, people living off-grid rely on kerosene lamps, candles or diesel-powered generators if they want to do anything at night. Using kerosene and diesel causes unhealthy fumes to be released into the air, which impacts the health of people and the environment as a whole.
Happily, innovations in technology have enabled off-grid families and communities to reduce their reliance on these potentially harmful power sources. Instead of using fossil fuels and natural gas, people can now use indoor solar lights. They emit no fumes and are much brighter than kerosene lamps. On top of that, a fully charged solar lantern can provide illumination for hours on end.
All around the world, people in off-grid communities can take advantage of products like:
· Family Lanterns: Some solar lanterns are designed specifically to provide light for homes and families. They have a cone shape that allows them to light up an entire room. Their integrated solar panels, portability and weather-resistance make them easy to charge. People can also use these products to light up their shops.
· Mobile Charging and Light: In addition to standalone solar lanterns, off-grid consumers can find solar powered lanterns that double as mobile phone chargers. Products like these can especially come in handy, since homes in rural communities frequently do not have landlines either.
· Personal Power Grids: Families and business owners can also find compact solar power grids, which come with various light bulbs and tubes. Available units can provide light for a full day when fully charged. People can also use them to charge their mobile phones and smaller USB-powered devices.
d.light provides solar powered lights and related products to off-grid communities in dozens of countries. The company has four hubs in the US, China, South Asia and Africa, all of which are dedicated to supplying people in the developing world with reliable energy.
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