These Are The Strangest Superstitions People Actually Believe

Superstitions evolve from old beliefs and folklore. They evolve into kind of strange traditions people still practice today. Let's go through some of the weirdest superstitions known today:

Zoey Flynn
Created by Zoey Flynn
On Sep 3, 2019
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Toasting With Water

Germans believe that it's bad luck to toast with water in your glass. This belief was rooted in Ancient Greece when it was believed that dead people would rise and drink from the River Lethe. Germans still believe this somehow. Spooky!


Whistling Indoors

You may have heard it to be bad luck opening an umbrella indoors, but whistling is apparently bad luck too! Lithuanians believe that whistling indoors can bring apart a streak of bad luck. They think that by whistling indoors, you are calling to "little devils," and it's considered rude.


Chopsticks Sticking Up

Not only is sticking your chopsticks upward in japan considered to be bad luck, but it's considered to be downright deadly. This is because two chopsticks sticking up look like the number 4 in Japanese, and the number 4 is an unlucky number in Japan, meaning death. Oddly enough, in Japan you will never find anything grouped or sold in fours for this reason.


Itchy Nose

You might need to worry about more than a sneeze when your nose starts to itch. Many cultures believe that getting an itchy nose can be an indication of bad news coming. The inside and outside of the nose are even differentiated as having different meanings. An itch on the inside means that sorrow is coming your way. An itch on the outside means you could potentially become cursed. Yikes!


Flipping Overcooked Fish

In China, if you flip over an overcooked fish, you may also flip over an actual Chinese fishing boat as well! This one is a little far fetched, but perhaps it's more of a general bad luck that could happen if you do this. To get the meat on the other side of the fish, simply gently pull the bone instead of flipping over.


Breaking A Mirror

The broken mirror superstition is actually common with many cultures around the world. Russians believe that breaking a mirror could release evil spirits, and Swiss believe the first person to look in a broken mirror will be the first person to die. Chills. The seven years of bad luck is a Roman invention and is based on their belief of the body regenerating every seven years.


Facing Mirrors

It's believed that tow mirrors facing each other may look cool for your interior design, but some people believe it could open the door to hell, yikes! Basically, the force between the reflections of the two mirrors, somehow summons evil spirits. OK.


Buying A Stroller Before The Baby Is Born

This one's a little weird. Buying a stroller for your baby before it's born is believed to bring bad luck in both UK and China.You can choose out the stroller it and plan to buy it, but don't have it delivered until after the baby is born. Otherwise, you will unleash unknown evils!


Laughing When A Hearse Goes By

Apparently there's a song that goes: Don't you laugh when the hearse goes by, For you might be the next to die. Creepy I know, but some cultures believe it. You would naturally quiet down when a hearse passes by, which is why by laughing you're disrupting the spirits and getting them all bothered! This will apparently bring you bad luck if you do this.


Going Directly Home After A Funeral

This superstition is mostly common in the Philippines where they call this concept "pagpag". Basically, if you go home right after attending a funeral you will keep the energy of the funeral with you for a while, giving you bad luck. This one makes a little sense to me. Going to a reception or a family member's house afterward would definitely shake off the dust of the sad experience before.


Do you believe in any of these superstitions? Which one do you think is the weirdest? Tell us in the comments below!