How To Show A Guy You Like Him Without Being Weird

Having a crush on a guy is complicated. You don't want to be too forward and risk scaring him away, but you also don't want to miss your chance at ultimate...true love. This guy is everything to you right now, here's how to show him you like him without totally messing it up:

Created By yazi
On Mar 14, 2018
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Don't tell him about your boy problems

Just like you wouldn't like it if he asked your advice on a girl he's crushing on, don't go and tell him about the guy you hooked up with last night. It's not gonna make him jealous, it's pretty much going to tell him; "I see you as just a friend".

Don't let him tell you about his girl problems

If he starts talking to you about his dating life, shut it DOWN. By making it clear that you feel awkward talking about these subjects with him, he'll get the message that maybe it's cause you have the love feels! It's indirect, but he'll notice.

Get in his personal bubble

A great way to let him know you like him without actually saying it, is to "get close". Just keep it PG. Touch him briefly on his back as you pass him...sit next to him when you get the chance...grab his arm tenderly when he hands something to you. It's subtle, but trust me, it works.

Be a little bit mysterious

Don't tell him your entire life story within an afternoon. Have some mystery to you. It'll make him start wondering what you're all about.

Make eye contact...but not in a creepy way

When you lock eyes — make it count. Humans get A LOT of info through eye contact...just don't get too creepy with it. Look at him as if you're looking at a puppy on the street. Be HAPPY to see him. Try not to think about how you would totally kidnap him if you could...

Look hot — it's half the battle

If you know you'll be hanging out around him, put in a little effort! I mean,'re perfect the way you are...but when you look good (and know it) — it'll give you a boost of confidence that he'll definitely notice.

Talk to him about his future goals and personal interests

When he knows that you support him in his dreams and endeavours, he'll be that much more likely to ask you out. This is the foundation of any relationship. Act like the supportive girlfriend you know he'll eventually want.

Whatever you do...don't get weird about it

Ok, I know you like this guy — but just...chill. You need to put yourself first and even though he's like an angel trapped inside a human body — he's not going to be the answer to all your problems. So keep a level head about the situation.

Believe you are a bad-ass woman who deserves his love

The best way to capture your crush's heart is to love yourself unconditionally. If you believe that you deserve his love...then you do. Now watch him start chasing.