5 Reasons Why Floating Shelves Are Perfect For Your Home

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5 Reasons Why Floating Shelves Are Perfect For Your Home

Over the years, floating shelves have become immensely popular. As the name suggests, floating shelves look like they are floating on the wall since you can't even see the brackets and fixtures that are holding them up. But, the reality is, the shelves are supported from the wall itself. Not only floating shelves functional, but they are also beautiful. Apart from displaying items on it, floating shelf itself could be used as an eye-catching display and decoration unit. Besides, you can find a plethora of stores selling different types of floating shelves such as floating oak mantel shelves among others. 

By using this type of shelving, you will have the ability to put your shelves anywhere. Even the smallest places of your house will not look cluttered when you install floating shelves. Read on to find out five major benefits of floating shelves. 

1. Easy to install

One of the major benefits of floating shelves is the fact that it is easy to install. All you need is a power drill to secure the shelving to the wall and a leveler to ensure they are hung in a straight line and you are good to go. 

2. Less space required

Do you have a tiny nook that you want to decorate but have a little room to work with? Well, then installing a floating shelf can be the ideal option. Since the racks are installed on the wall, you have more room to manoeuvre around and put in other furniture instead. For instance, in your study, having floating shelves would allow you to place more chairs and study tables inside. 

3. Durable

Even though floating shelves are held up by brackets, they are extremely strong and durable. Furthermore, the brackets are screwed under the shelf panels and onto the wall, creating a dual lock that keeps it in place. Besides, these shelves can stand the test of time and can hold a significant amount of weight depending on their thickness. 

4. Beautiful and unique

It goes without saying, that your wall will look more distinctive if you use floating shelves instead of traditional shelves. Besides, they catch people's eye and make your interior design appear particularly unique and stylish. Since floating shelves take up less space and leave more room to truly showcase your decor, your wall will look less cluttered and overloaded. 

5. More storage area

Another major benefit of floating shelves is the fact that it gives you more space for storage. Besides, it is an effective way of storing books as well as other personal items. For families that have kids, they can keep the toys and video games on the floating shelves. Besides, these shelves are not only effective for storing toys but also keep some out of reach, therefore, regulating clutter and enabling rotation of toys. 

While these were some of the benefits of floating shelves, there are many others, such as light and airy, cost-effective among many others. Besides, you can find numerous stores selling different types of floating shelves such as rustic oak shelves online. At the end of the day, floating shelves are not only a great way to display photos, trophies and special ornaments, but they are also a practical storage solution that can help maximise the space in your room.

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