Lemon The Duck Was Born Unable To Walk-But She Doesn't Let That Stop Her!

Get out the tissues, Lemon is coming for your heart.

Created by Nope
On Apr 11, 2016

Lemon the duck was born without the ability to walk on her own.


But luckily, Lemon was rescued by some awesome folks who were committed to helping Lemon live her best life.

I mean, she gets to meet Santa!


It's been a long road of exercises and duck rehab, but Lemon can swim like a champion, something she loves to do with her family!

Because, you know. She's a duck.


Lemon even has inter-species best friends! Here she is, hanging out with Casey


Want to see Lemon in action? Hold on to your hats!

youtube embed goes here!

Also; happy birthday Lemon!


Lemon even has her own website, that you can check out here!


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