Tips to Picking Your Ideal E-Liquid Nicotine Strength

Wael gaz
Created by Wael gaz
On Oct 22, 2018
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Smoking is obviously one of the most addictive habits there is, and for that reason, it is also the hardest habit to quit. That is why Dubai vape is the best alternative for tobacco smokers. Vaping is entirely different from smoking and therefore before you make a move, there are a few tips you need to guide you through picking your ideal e-liquid nicotine level.

When you decide to make a move from cigarettes to vape, picking the right nicotine for yourself is what will make the transition smooth. Before you make an option of an alternative switch, it is advisable that you choose a product with the same strength and nicotine levels as that of the original product. These four tips will get you settled in the vape world just right.

Before we get into it, there is something you need to know about choosing your nicotine strength. The average cigarette has nicotine levels of 16mg, and that is where you need to start with. You can choose one level up or down, but you cannot go further than that. The reason why you can only choose one level up or down is that it is not further from what you are used to. You need to familiarize yourself with each level before you proceed with reducing the strength in nicotine or increase it. These tips predominantly depend on what you want to achieve with the use of Dubai vape. They include choosing what nicotine level and strength works for you or whether you want to quit nicotine use completely.

1. What Nicotine Level Works For You

Lower Amounts

Lower amounts include 0mg, 8mg and 11mg. Like mentioned above, the average cigarette is about 16mg and therefore taking anything lower than that would mean dissatisfaction. You can only use 16mg to get the same amount nicotine strength as you did use tobacco.

What if you take a low nicotine level? When you decide to go lower than what you used before, you are only allowed to go a level lower. If you go lower than one level, then that means you will have to vape now and then to compensate for the amount of nicotine your body is asking. This will lead to using more nicotine than you should and therefore not relieving any urges that you will have. However, anyone who is looking to start vaping for the first time then using lower levels of vape would be perfect for them.

Moderate Levels

This is the perfect amount for anyone thinking of making the transition. Dubai vape has made it their point to come up with the best vaping products for anyone who is looking to get a nice buzz that is neither too low nor is it too high. For the moderate tobacco user, anything from 11mg, 16mg, and 24mg will be just okay.
You will be able to control your nicotine intake while getting a nice buzz that will make you feel exactly the way you did using cigarettes. Using vape in moderation will make you feel relaxed and satisfied which is good right? The E-liquid nicotine strength is entirely dependent on what you want to achieve.

High Amounts

Remember the saying too much of something is poisonous? Well, it applies everywhere and vaping is not an exception. Relax! I do not mean toxic in that sense but when you take more nicotine than what your body is initially used to you will have some side effects such as headaches and dizziness.
This might make you think that you are not cut out to use Dubai vape but that is not the case. If you were using 16mg nicotine level before then you could not start using 36mg when you transition to vaping; it cannot just work. If and when you decide you want more nicotine in your body, you have to add gradually in bit by bit. This is a rare occurrence because many people who turn to vape do it to get over tobacco and by extension reduce their nicotine intake and not otherwise.

2. Looking to Quit Nicotine Use Completely

If you turned to vape because you want to quit nicotine use completely, you are not very far from home. Given that you started with 16mg nicotine strength, you will need to reduce the intake with time. No one is strong enough to stop at once, so take time and reduce your use of vape gradually. It is easier to stop nicotine use entirely while using vape than it while using tobacco. Don’t be in a rush because you will reach your goal.

Vaping has been found to be more beneficial to your health than smoking. The Dubai vape world is being flooded by people who have decided to dump tobacco, or they want the feel-good feeling that vaping provided. You cannot lose anything by choosing to go the vaping way. There is a lot to be said about using vape, but that does not cancel out the fact that it is a better choice than cigarettes are.