Who’d Be Your Celeb BFF Based on the Snacks You Like Most?

Which ice cream do you prefer: Mint Chocolate Chip or Vanilla?

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Mar 27, 2024
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When you hear the word snack, what's one of the first things that comes to mind? Cookies! Did you know chocolate chip cookies were created by accident? Ruth Graves Wakefield wanted to make some chocolate cookies and realized she was short on melting chocolate. So what did this icon do? She chopped up a chocolate bar and added those chunks to the dough and voilà! What would we snack out without beloved Chocolate Chip Queen Ruth?

>> Which Summer Snack Best Describes Your Personality?

What's your favorite type of potato chip flavor?

What's your preferred flavor palette?

Choose a type of candy!

How do you feel about spicy snacks?

Which style of popcorn are you most fond of?

Which type of nut is your favorite to snack on?

Which comes to mind FIRST when you hear the word "fruit"?

Which cold treat is your favorite?

Which of these classic crunchy snacks is your go-to?

Lastly, which beverage do you like most with a snack?

You got Zendaya!

You got Zendaya!

With her diverse taste and youthful energy, Zendaya could easily be your celeb BFF. Just like Zendaya, you enjoy sweet and savory snacks. You're not a stranger to exploring different cuisines around the world too. You'd bond over your favorite treats and swap some snack recommendations and recipes! Share your results with a friend.

You got Barry Keoghan!

You got Barry Keoghan!

Known for his quirky, but mysterious personality - he's the best fit for your Celeb BFF! He's sweet, but has a bit of spice to him, just like your favorite snacks. Share your results with a friend!

You got Amy Poehler !

You got Amy Poehler !

Amy's creative mind and witty humor make her the perfect BFF for you! She's not afraid to indulge in the sweeter side of the snack world. You both enjoy popcorn and fruit as snacks too, just to mix things up. Afterall, popcorn will be the best snack to devour while you both laugh and share stories! Compare your results with a friend. :)

Is it truly possible to have more than one best friend?

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