Which Summer Snack Best Describes Your Personality?

Dive into the summer and take our new quiz to see which summer snack best describes you!

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Aug 5, 2022
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Did you know that a survey conducted by punchbowl.com found that chips are on top of the food chain (no pun intended) when it comes to party snacks? We'd believe it. They're a great go-to snack that can be had year-round. When it comes to summer, chips won't necessarily cool you down, but we have some snacks that match your personality that may! Let's get to the quiz!

Which do you gravitate to?

Pick a pair of sunglasses.

Pick a beach to spend your summer on!

Where can people find you in the summer?

Does intense summer heat bother you?

Who do you want to spend this summer with?

Pick a flavor of ice cream.

How do you stay cool in the summer?

Which type of popcorn do you prefer?

Pick a summer song to dance to.

You got chips and salsa!

You got chips and salsa!

Yum! You're one of a kind and a joy to be around. Being the life of the party isn't for everyone, but you sure do make it look easy! Did we get it right? :)

You got popsicles!

You got popsicles!

Delicious! You're sweet and versatile. You keep people comfortable and make them feel welcome. It's sometimes draining to take on the weight of others' problems so don't forget to take care of yourself. Don't let yourself melt. Were we close?

You got popcorn!

You got popcorn!

Ole Reliable! People can count on you and you never fail to get things done. You love to wind down and take care of yourself after a nice long day! Did we nail it?

You got kabob!

You got kabob!

Mm! You're creative and encourage others to be themselves. You like to keep things simple and efficient too. Is this accurate? :)

Do you enjoy summer BBQ?

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