We’re 97% Sure We Can Guess Whether You Prefer Winter or Summer Based on How You Answer Just 10 Questions

We're "snow" excited to see your results!

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Nov 12, 2023
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Did you know winter in Antarctica is insane and wildly cold? Don't let the desert look fool you. In July 1983, the lowest recorded temperature there was -128.6 F/ -89.2 C! Not sure if a summer or winter preference can keep you cozy during those temperatures, but you can rest assured that at least things won't get that cold where you are! emoji

>> Which Summer Snack Best Describes Your Personality?

Pick the perfect vacation destination!

Which of these outdoor activities can people find you enjoying?

Choose a beverage to enjoy today!

Which of these is your go-to color palette for clothing?

Which clothing item below do you get excited to wear?

Which of these foods do you usually crave?

What's your version of "the perfect weekend"?

Which of these season activities is overrated?

Which type of music describes your end-of-day routine?

Finally, pick a smell you enjoy!

You're a Winter Lover!

You're a Winter Lover!

No temperature's too cold for you - you thrive in the winter. You love the fashion, the holiday spirit, and activities. It's truly your happy place! Share your results with a fellow winter lover.

You are a Summer Queen!

You are a Summer Queen!

Coconut sunscreen, a nice warm breeze, sunglasses, sand, and plenty of sun - you can't live without them! You enjoy the freedom that comes with the summer and enjoy setting out on a fun adventure or vacation with those you love. Compare your results with someone you'll spend next summer with!

You're a Versatile Season Enthusiast!

You're a Versatile Season Enthusiast!

You love the best of both worlds: Winter and Summer, but you also enjoy a nice Spring morning, and a Fall evening. You adapt with each season, whether it's your wardrobe or the activities that interest you. You simply love trying out new things and exploring different experiences, don't you? Share your results with a friend!

Do you tend to feel more energized in the summer or winter?

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