Can You Pick Out the Vegan Option in These Photos? 

Can you suss out the non-vegan food options by looking ONLY 2 photos?

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Jan 31, 2024
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As much as we talk about veganism, it's not new. Even when it felt like a "trend" - it wasn't a new fad - it was and is much more. Though the word "vegan" was created in 1944 by Donald Watson - even further back 2000 years ago there's evidence of people choosing to exclude animals from their diets. Are you vegan and how long have you been vegan? Can you look at 2 photos and choose the vegan option?

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Which one is the vegan grilled cheese sandwich?

2 / 10

Which photo does NOT have a vegan pizza in it?

3 / 10

Choose the vegan option.

4 / 10

Which fried rice is the vegan option?

5 / 10

Which vegan option are you leaving out for Santa?

6 / 10

Pick the non-vegan option.

7 / 10

Let's order the vegan dish.

8 / 10

Choose the non-vegan option.

9 / 10

Which picture has the vegan option?

10 / 10

Which ramen is vegan?

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Have you tried and enjoyed vegan dishes?

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