What Vegan Food Should You Try Based on Your Junk Food Habits?

Eat some fast food and we'll tell you what vegan item to try

Jordan Cohen
Created by Jordan Cohen
On Mar 8, 2021
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Eating a dairy free and meatless diet can be hard, especially for cheese lovers and carnivores. However, eating plant-based milk or meat alternatives can be good for your health and the environment. If you don't want to go fully vegan but want to try a new food, take this quiz now!

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Plant-Based "Chicken" Nuggets

Plant-Based "Chicken" Nuggets

You should try vegan nuggets! If you love the crispiness of chicken but want to go plant-based, try microwaveable soy nuggets.

Vegan Ice Cream

Vegan Ice Cream

You NEED to try vegan ice cream if you can't live without this sweet treat. A lot of your favorite brands make coconut milk or plant based flavors so you don't have to sacrifice taste.

Dairy-Free Cheese

Dairy-Free Cheese

Okay admit it, you're addicted to cheese. Try dairy-free alternatives for your next breakfast sandwich or on a homemade pizza. There's all your favorites: shredded, sliced, and sprinkled.

Avocado Oil Mayo

Avocado Oil Mayo

You don't have to change your whole diet, but why not start with an easy plant-based alternative? If you love putting pounds of mayo on food, you should try avocado oil mayonnaise. Just as creamy and delicious as the the real thing.

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