7 Tips To Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts

Clear your mind!

Created by Veronica
On Sep 21, 2016

Practice letting go

Don’t fight with your thoughts, just let everything go. You might also want to imagine putting the thought in a bubble and then popping the bubble.


Detox your life of toxic people

If you can’t detox your life of certain people, get a good pair of headphones and use them whenever you need to block out the negativity of others. Better yet, set boundaries.


Ask yourself positive questions

Ask yourself positive questions, such as, “What is the best that can happen?” Your mind will sort for all the good that can happen and then you are automatically thinking positive thoughts.


Focus on the solution, not the problem

If you are faced with a problem, focusing on the problem is a negative mental state, however, focusing on the solution or focusing on finding the solution is a positive mental state.


Take responsibility without beating yourself up

This is the high level of conscious responsibility. If you can separate who you really are from your thoughts, thoughts will begin to lose their power over you.


Drop your "buts"

If you say or think something positive but you add a “but,” you negate the positive. Just focus on the positive and drop your “buts.”


Practice imagining how you desire your day to unfold

Indulging your imagination will unlock the positivity that already exists inside you. It is also a great idea to pre-pave your day by imagining how you desire your day to unfold.

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