7 Reasons You Should Be Using Scholarship Genius

No more reading through pages of lengthy scholarship descriptions. Scholarship Genius is the newest and quickest way for you to learn what students like you are receiving in scholarship awards. If that's not enough reason to try it, here are seven more.

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It takes 45 seconds

In less time than it takes to make your morning coffee, you can find out how much free money you qualify for. Zero time wasted.


So easy, a toddler can do it

Sleek design and intuitive to use, there's no confusion or fuss. With only five questions, it's user friendly bliss.


These 45 seconds could change your life

You know the age-old trope where a person chooses a path that inevitably alters the trajectory of their life? That could be you.


You can gauge if applying is worth your time

Your time is precious. Between classes and extracurriculars, it's hard to make room for anything. Scholarship Genius is the fast and easy way to gauge whether or not the CASH scholarship application is worth your time. After all, time is money. And you could see a big return on your investment.



It's not guaranteed, but once you use Scholarship Genius and decide to apply for scholarships, you're in the running to get FREE MONEY. Once you fill out the CASH application, you're elligible for any OU scholarship that you qualify for. It's like being the studio audience on Oprah's Favorite Things. YOU GET A SCHOLARSHIP. YOU GET A SCHOLARSHIP.


Spend the money you save.

After you use Scholarship Genius and apply for CASH Scholarships, you could receive an awesome scholarship. Treat yourself with the money your save! Hover board? New iPhone? Dinners for a whole semester?


You've already taken the time to read this list so why not?

In the time it took for you to go through this list, you could have found out how much money students like you are earning in scholarships. It's difficult to imagine a more rewarding payoff than a Hillary Duff gif we know, but trust us. It's worth your time. It's at genius.ou.edu

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