15 Things that Take Longer than Filling Out OU Scholarship Genius

We understand time is a precious commodity. That's why we created OU's new Scholarship Genius. It gives you the power to find your estimated potential award in just 45 seconds. So why not try it? Still not convinced? Here's a list of things that take longer than finding your estimated potential award using OU Scholarship Genius. genius.ou.edu

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On Oct 12, 2016

Getting Coffee

Whether you make it yourself, order via Tapingo or stand in line the old-fashioned way at your favorite coffee shop, it will take longer to grab the perfect brew than it will take to fill out scholarship genius. Good at multi-tasking? Check genius.ou.edu whilst you stand in line. Wins all around!


An Elevator Ride

You may only be going from floor one to floor three (unless you're riding with Buddy the Elf) but your scholarship award, just like you in this metal box, could be going up, up, up.


Your Crush to Text you Back

You like them but do they like you? Are you texting them too much? Not enough? Oh man. Dating is tough. You may have 99 problems but seeing if you qualify for scholarship money won't be one.



Sure you can get a text when your laundry is poppin' fresh but no matter where you're doing your laundry (ahem, thanks mom) you can check to see what money you qualify for to help pay for school and still have time to brush your shoulders off before the dryer buzzes.


Grades to be Posted

You know the sense of anticipation you get when waiting for your grades to be posted online? Imagine feeling that but then followed by immediate satisfaction. Pure elation at your fingertips in under a minute. You're welcome.


Your Group to Show Up for a Class Project Work Session

Ahhh, group work. Sometimes it's fun and sometimes it's a struggle but either way, it's usually a lot of work. Why not see how much scholarship money you qualify for while waiting on the rest of your group to show up. At least something can be struggle free.


The Walk Signs on Lindsey

You're trying to get to the South Oval (or another part of campus) or from the South Oval to the Caf. The only thing in your way? The walk signs on Lindsey. As you stand in wait of the beautiful light that will allow you to get to your next destination, you could have consulted Scholarship Genius.


Pedestrians Crossing at Lindsey

On the other side of the token are the people in the vehicles. As soon as pedestrians get their beacon of light, it's now time for the drivers to wait. DO NOT attempt to consult Scholarship Genius from behind the wheel. Make a mental note to do it later. See all those students on their phones? They're probably checking Scholarship Genius.


Getting to the Front of the Dessert Line in the Caf

Sweet, sugary temptation. How we long for you and while you are worth the wait, what if you could also see that you qualify for sweet scholarships? You can! That's right, in less time than you can decide which La Baguette delicacy you want, you could check your potential award.


Singing Boomer Sooner

At the risk of giving you an ear worm, through much research (ahem, we're hoarse from singing this song so much) we have discovered that you can, in fact, complete the Scholarship Genius in less time than it takes to sing our favorite song. Boomer freaking Sooner.


Making Dinner

It's always amazing how a clean kitchen can take a 180 when trying to prepare a meal. Good food takes time after all. But with Scholarship Genius, finding money you could qualify for doesn't have to. And don't even get us started on the time it takes to clean up.


Your friends to get ready

Such a glorious and sacred past time of many youths. While this classic ritual can and should be fun, the fact that it can take a long time also rings true. In the time it took to get that perfect barrel curl or pop your collar just right, you could have checked Scholarship Genius.


Your Number to be Called Literally Anywhere

Let's face it. If you're having to take a number, you're in for a wait. If only everything could be done in 45 second. At least you can see some scholarship award numbers. And in this case, the bigger the better, amiright?


Finding a Parking Spot

The least fun part of adulting. Though finding the perfect spot can take time (unless you’re using the OU Innovate App!), finding scholarships doesn't have to!


Reading this List

Ha! Though we hope you've enjoyed reading this as much as we enjoyed writing it, our deepest and most profound hope is that you will use Scholarship Genius for assistance in paying for college. Remember it can tell you what you potentially qualify for and then all you have to do is visit scholarships.ou.edu to fill out the OU CASH application. But won't it be nice to know what it's for?! Go forth, Sooners! genius.ou.edu is waiting for you.

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