10 Ways to Be a Creative Type at UK CFA

Are you the Creative Type? Join our community at the University of Kentucky College of Fine Arts. Embrace what makes you unique. Discover what makes you you. #creativetype

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On Jul 26, 2018

See Art

When you need inspiration, the Art & Visual Studies Building is one of the coolest spaces on campus. The Bolivar Art Gallery inside features guest artist shows as well as MFA student shows, often cutting edge new work. Our Black Box Theatre offers student-produced plays and dance concerts. The UK Art Museum is FREE for everyone. And in many other spaces on campus and in Lexington, you can consume local and national visual and performing arts for free or with discounted admission.


Join an Ensemble

Wanna be a rock star? We've got that. A classical musician? Yep. From intimate quartets to the 200+ member Wildcat Marching Band, you can continue your music-making day and night. Bonus: employers want people who can work well in teams, so what better way to collaborate than through a jazz improv?


Be a Leader

Our CFA Ambassadors share their stories with prospective students. Our student organizations share their stories on campus and in the community. Network with professionals, connect with peers, and have unforgettable experiences through leadership in an org and be part of the story.


Get Dirty

You don't have to be an art major to take an art class. So get dirty in the ceramics studio. Likewise, you can take hip hop, modern, or other dance classes to get your body moving. Take a break from your major coursework or immerse yourself in your creative passion.


Live where you Create

The Creative Arts Living Learning Program is one of the newest residential communities on campus with awesome facilities for dance, art, writing, and music performance. So work in the studio, grab a snack at Steak 'n Shake, and head up to your room, all without leaving the building.


Travel somewhere New

Curious about culture? Ireland, Italy, England, France, Germany, China, New Zealand, Hong Kong. Choose what you want to study. Choose your adventure. Choose to break out of your comfort zone and change your world view. An education abroad can teach you more about yourself than you might expect - adaptability, flexibility, and problem solving are par for the course. And you just might fall in love with your host country.


Make a Thing

So much goes on behind-the-scenes. From costume design to set design, playwriting to composition. Shout out to the people who make the things, rarely stepping on stage. They make the arts happen.


Be someone New

You're 19 and taking 20 credit hours and missing home. But for a few hours you can transform into a 19th-century aristocrat, a singing Italian barber, a 1960s revolutionary, or a Cheshire cat. Be you. Be someone else.


Get Hired

Our grads get jobs, seriously cool jobs. Nationally, the creative industries employ nearly 3 million people. From a Broadway stage to a scenic design company, a touring orchestra to a high school band, a national art gallery to an independent photography business, our students are here, there, and everywhere, celebrating creativity in unexpected ways.


Find your Family

Students say that CFA feels like home. We get that. You'll spend a ton of time with other students in your program. You'll get to know each other well. You'll get to know your faculty, and they'll know you. We're a small college with a big heart. Pull up a chair and join us at the table.

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