Staff Picks: 19 memes The Signal team enjoys

Memes are present on all social media platforms. When scrolling through social media, it is highly likely that you will come across at least one meme. These are some of the staff's favorite memes to come across on social media.

Anything that shows a child's character looking angry like this or scary cracks me up. Seeing something pure be appropriated with dark humor or made to seem threatening is awesome in my book.
Alyssa Shotwell, Online Editor

Olivia memes

Olivia memes are the best in my opinion because they express how I feel adequately. Plus the looks she gives makes it that much better.
Brandon Peña, Editor-in-Chief

Chloe memes

It's so funny because it's me internally.
Michele Gibson, Reporter

History memes part 1

History memes are great, but art history memes are even better! The context is replaced with a funny dubbed over meaning.
Alyssa Shotwell, Online Editor

College life memes part 1

I like this Meme because it's beyond funny to any college student who can relate, including me.
Elizabeth Adame, Reporter

College life memes part 2

This is one of my favorite memes because can I relate to it so well. This is a perfect representation of some college students who have a lot on their plate.
Gloria De Leon, Reporter

History memes part 2

History memes work best with painted portraits like this, but there are other great examples across various mediums.
Alyssa Shotwell, Online editor

Astros memes

The Astros meme is great because it is SO true.
Sarah Holden, Reporter

Kermit memes

I like this Meme because I tend to overreact to everything when I'm stressed with classes- there's no such thing as calm.
Elizabeth Adame, Reporter

Kevin Hart memes

The Kevin Hart meme is my favorite because it is funny.
Sarah Holden, Reporter

Lisa memes

It's such a versatile meme that can be interpreted differently, and it can be used as a response in a variety of situations so it's easily become one of my all time favorites!
Izuh Ikpeama, Reporter

Meta memes

This is my favorite meme because it transcends the boundaries of traditional entry level memes."
Miles Shellshear, Reporter

Nike ad memes

It is my favorite because the text emphasizes his lisp and it overall just makes you laugh.
Hope Janise, Reporter

Philosorapter memes

My favorite meme is the philosoraptor meme because it combines three of my favorite things: dinosaurs, philosophy, and humor! And I love when humor can even be thought provoking.
Troylon Griffin II, Co-Managing Editor

Literal memes

I like this meme because it is literal. None pizza with left beef.
Sarah Doody, Reporter

Spongebob mocking meme

I like this meme because it goes with every possible real-life scenario.
Ruba Abuomar, Reporter

Cat memes

Obvious reasons.

Song memes

I think its funny because the meme names the person and gives it a personal aspect.
Bethany Gambino, Reporter

Dog memes

I love dogs, therefore any meme that includes a dog has my attention."
Justin Murphy, Co-Managing Editor