The History Of Chinese Numerology In Brief

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The History Of Chinese Numerology In Brief

Chinese Numerology

The craft of Chinese numerology has been with us for 4,000 years or more. It is said that, the would be Emperor, Wu of Hsia, found an intriguing tortoise shell as he was walking across the lands of China.

Wu regarded this to be a sign from God, for reasons you will come to understand later. He vowed to study it, for however long it took, to see how this accidental find, and gift from God, could be relevant to mankind. 

It was from this day forward, it is said, that Chinese Numerology and the secrets of numbers was born.

Referring To Numerology For Guidance  

The Chinese use their form of numerology on a daily basis. They refer to it to help them make the right decisions in life, personal and business relationships, business dealings and all things relevant to their hearts desire. It is somewhat of a strong belief system. Those that truly believe, reap the rewards, as they say.

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