Create An iPhone App Without Coding Skills

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Things To Consider When Starting To Create An iPhone App

It’s tempting just to start hacking away at an app using an iPhone app builder. The promise of sales, monetization, advertising revenue, and more in an app crazy world is enough to lure anyone away from other responsibilities. Before sitting down and wasting precious time, here are seven tips to consider before even attempting to create an app without coding skills.

Create An iPhone App Without Coding Skills

iPhone App Builder Consideration No. 1 – The Idea
Odds are, anyone even contemplating building an app has an idea of what it will be. However, those ideas are usually fuzzy and limited to basic functionality. There are a few questions each person should ask about their ideas before starting.

Who is it for? Just because it seems like a great idea doesn’t mean other people will want to buy it. Make sure there’s a good strong amount of need for it. General interest topics such as sports and shopping are always good.
What does it fix? Sometimes apps are better if they fix something that needs fixing. Just adding to a mix of other apps serves no purpose. Think about discount movies in a giant bin at the store.
Will someone want to use it again? Entertainment and appeal keep the app being used. This is beneficial for ad revenue and word-of-mouth. Plus, if it’s a big hit, updated and improved versions will bring in more sales.

Best App Builder Consideration No. 2 – The Strengths

Odds are someone who majored in Art History won’t be looking to build an app that helps people understand the scientific process. While people are multi-faceted, working to one’s strengths are usually best. If the subject is outside a person’s strength of knowledge, research might be needed. This is especially true if the person wanting to build an app lacks many of the skills needed for development. Sure, using an android app builder free eliminates part of these problems, but knowing the limitations and strengths of each makes the process smoother and easier.

Free App Builder Consideration No. 3 – The Research

This advice goes along with the first one, “The Idea,” because it involves some of the same concepts. However, this step can’t be stressed enough. Just because there was the sudden idea for an app, doesn’t mean it isn’t available. Download other apps, browse the market, read forums and reviews, take notes about what works and what doesn’t, review designs and interfaces, compile stats on pricing, costs, and time. There’s a lot more that can be said, but if a person feels unmotivated after this step, it could be a good sign that continuing isn’t worth it. Click here to read How to Make Money Selling Mobile Apps.

iPhone App Builder Consideration No. 4 - The Who

No, this isn’t a reference to a band, although it could be a reference to those who like the band. While this goes with “The Research” and “The Idea,” it is a separate step itself. After researching other apps, determine if there’s a generalized personality of a group that an app will appeal to. Games will appeal to gamers and gamers can be picky and broad in their interests. Apps that help people find locations are usually for people on the go, and they’ll want results quickly. Of course, this also means more research on how to incorporate results from cities into an app.

iPhone App Builder Consideration No. 5 – The Know

This is more for people unfamiliar with the iPhone and other Apple products, but knowing the system and the interface is a good idea. Just because a person has used many applications doesn’t mean they completely understand how to use it. Figure out what methods work best when selecting specific categories.
·       Does it feel more user-friendly to tap to access a file, or slide down to see the files in a bin?
·       How much information should be presented on each screen?
·       Where should rotation and expanding be incorporated?
·       Are there specific tools, like accelerometers that an app would benefit from?
·       Starting to get the point?

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iPhone App Builder Consideration No. 6 – The Art

Depending on a person’s background, this could mean several things. For some, finding paper and a pencil could be enough. For the graphic design major, actually playing with designs in a program might feel more real. Either way, actually draw and map out every screen needed for the app. Figure out where the buttons should go and how things should fit on a screen.

iPhone App Builder Consideration No. 7 – The Beginning

It seems odd that the beginning should go at the end of the list, but this is about the beginning of the design. After everything has been designed and figured out, gather everything that will be needed for the iPhone app builder. Depending on what is used, the following could be needed: Apple iPhone Developer Program Registration, An iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, Mac computer running Mac OS X 10.5.5 Updated version of iPhone SDK, Any Terms and Conditions or Non-Disclosure Statements Needed.

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Create An iPhone App Without Coding Skills - Conclusion

Once all of this has been completed; the time is ready to go. If a person can make it through all of these steps and still feel ambitious enough to continue, odds are the app will be good.
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