Unexpected Items Every Member of Gen Z Should Have to Feel Totally Grown Up

The purchases you make as you get older can really help you feel like an adult

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Mar 21, 2021

It's true, the types of purchases you make will likely have an impact on how grown up you feel. Sure, feel free to get those character socks - nobody's judging! But when also you order that new vacuum to make sure your home is tidy, just know we understand the adult-ing feeling. It's there and it's real. So what unexpected items should every member of Gen Z have in order to feel grown up? Read below to find out...


A Powerful Vacuum Cleaner

So maybe you don't have to be like Monica, vacuuming your vacuum cleaner... But just purchasing a vacuum cleaner is a big step in itself! This shows you're taking control of how clean your home (and thus, your life) is - which is huge in the adulting world.

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Home Coffee Maker

At this point, you've probably driven to the closest Starbucks enough times to realize it's time to say goodbye to your fave barista because it's your moment to shine. A big part of growing up is recognizing the need to save money, which brings us to this point: if you're a coffee fanatic, it is likely cheaper you just have your own machine!

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Luxurious Bed Sheets

When we say luxury, we don't mean $200 sheets, just not those ones from your childhood that you keep buying because they're 'comfortable and cheap.' If you haven't splurged on a new set of sheets that's more upscale than what you had when you were 10, now's the time. We recommend Egyptian cotton or bamboo! Life-changers.

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Live Greenery

No matter how you're feeling, a little live greenery in your home will always give you that sense of adulthood. It's your lil baby before the real baby. If you can keep your plant alive, you can do anything.

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Dumbbell Set

If you feel that a desire to take care of your body and stay fit is now a big emphasis in your life, welcome to adulthood. With busy schedules, sometimes an at-home workout is the best you can get and these dumbbells are here to help.

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Daily Planner

When you feel you can't keep up with one routine, that's called growing up. Always busy, plans constantly changing and memory fading (yikes). That's why we feel totally adult when spending some time writing out all about what we have to look forward to.

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Sunrise Alarm Clock

Say goodbye to the days of being woken by a loud, annoying alarm clock and say hello to waking up (kinda) naturally. Did you know there's now alarm clocks that have a sunrise stimulation wake-up setting that gradually increase the light similar to a real morning sunrise? Yes, you read that correctly! And as soon as you get one of these, you'll just know you've made it.

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