The Ultimate Guide to Ensure a Holly Jolly Christmas Despite COVID-19

Ways to make Christmas meaningful amid the coronavirus pandemic

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Dec 7, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has made this year look a whole lot different than expected, but that doesn't mean you have to pout and feel Grinchy this Christmas. Take this as an opportunity to get creative and find new ways to celebrate. Who knows... maybe you'll love some of the ideas so much you'll make these new traditions along the way!

Here's how to make your Christmas special, even if you're spending it away from family and friends...


Stick to Your Fave Traditions

Whether it's cooking your favorite holiday meals, baking the tastiest Christmas cookies, or decorating your home as you always do, we think you should go for it! This year has been so out of the usual, it's especially important to get back to some of your old ways for the sake of feeling at peace for the holidays. Think of your fondest memories and prioritize the traditions that mean most to you, even if you're not doing everything you used to.


Watch Allllllll The Holiday Films

It's finally December and you don't owe anyone an explanation when you turn on the ultimate Christmas film! Even better... Watch a different movie each night! There's so many great movies to get you in the holiday spirit and take you away from the ruckus going on outside. We think it's extra fun to write down a mix of your favorite movies and those that you haven't seen before and put the names in a hat to be randomly chosen when the time is right. Get your popcorn ready!


Do Your Gift Shopping Early

Nobody likes a late gift... And with more people shopping online in an effort to avoid stores this year, it's important to get to gift shopping pronto. Start writing down who you're buying gifts for and what they'd like most, then get to the online shops! Consider supporting small businesses as this year hit them especially hard. Additionally, if you want to ensure your gift makes it to the recipient on time, you'll want to check out these charts from USPS - they'll give you a great indication of deadlines to buying your gifts!


Have a Virtual Party With Loved Ones

To keep everyone as safe as possible, it may be worth skipping out on the physical parties this year and hosting a virtual party! Ask everyone to be prepared with a drink, a joke or two, and a smile on their face. Go a step further and request that everyone attends wearing their best Christmas outfit. Have guests vote by sending you (and only you) the name of who they've chosen, and announce the winner at the end of the night! Have a cute gift ready to mail or drop off to the winner that week.


Make Special Memories

Yeah, we know, you and your household members may be getting a little tired of each other these days... But think of the holiday time as a fun way to separate that need of getting away and just focus on this special time of year. A fun way to do this is by creating an advent calendar for festive activities instead of treats. Don't worry, the activities don't have to be extraordinary or anything like that, they can be as simple as having hot cocoa together or having a dance party to all the classic holiday hits in your pajamas!

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