If You Actually Paid Attention to Squid Game, You're Sure to Ace This Quiz

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Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Oct 21, 2021

Everyone's talking about the show 'Squid Game' and if you've watched it, you probably know why. But now we have another question to ask: How much were you truly paying attention to every detail in the show? Complete the quiz below to find out!

>>Which 'Squid Game' Character Are You?

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First, what number player was Cho Sang-Woo?

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What gift did Seong Gi-Hun accidentally give his daughter?

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Which staff members have the most authority?

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In total, how many different games were played?

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Which of these was an actual meal given to the players?

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What shape did player 001 get to cut out in the honeycomb challenge?

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The third game is a team game... What is it?

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Lastly, what country is the show set in?

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