Which 'Squid Game' Character Are You?

The popular show by Netflix added some horror to our childhood playground. Which of its characters fits you the best?

Liat Kazir
Created by Liat Kazir
On Feb 14, 2022
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Your friend runs out of fuel in the middle of the road. He calls you for help, but you’re on a date. What would you do?

What is the most important characteristic a leader should have?

Which of the following best defines your social status?

Which of the following is your favorite childhood game?

What would you hope to be your biggest accomplishment?

How do you feel about tattoos?

You just won a big amount of money. What would you do with it?

What are you most likely to be arrested for?

Seong Gi-hun

Seong Gi-hun

You will always be there for your friends and family members, even if you did some mistakes in the past. You're a true winner!



You see only the victory in front of your eyes, and you'll always stick to the strongest person in the room.



You are cruel - and you will hurt anyone who stands in your way. Winning means everything to you.

Did you like the show?

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