These Weird Yet Interesting Facts Will Leave You In Disbelief

These facts are creepy but oh so interesting. Your life will never be the same after you read these facts. Let's take a look:

Stephanie Lee
Created by Stephanie Lee
On Aug 8, 2019
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Horses can't throw up. If they need to throw up, they'll die.

Horses have the same band of muscles around their esophagus as humans do except their muscles are much stronger. This prevents them from ever throwing up. If a horse has to throw up they are probably already dead because their stomach would have already ruptured. Equine stomachs join at a lower angle so if a horse is sick, it will stay in the stomach. I never knew this. Now whenever I see a horse, I hope it doesn't get sick!


The whale that can't communicate with other whales.

There is a whale called 52 Blue, also known as the world's loneliest whale in the world that sings at frequency that is unable to communicate with other whales. The whale sings at 52 HZ, which is a tone that is inaudible to other whales. This makes it difficult for the Blue 53 to socialize with other whales making them loners of the deep. I guess if the ocean was a high school, they'd be sitting at the loners table. How sad!


Armadillos are deadly.

They may look unassuming, but armadillos can be deadly. The nine banded armadillo carry the contagious bacteria that can cause the nerve damaging disease, leprosy. Through consumption or touching armadillos you can contract this disease. I used to think armadillo were kind of cute but now I know the truth! So if you see one of these at the side of road, don't touch them, don't even breathe near one, or you may get leprosy!


Whales can drown.

As whales get older, sometimes if they swim too deep, they don't have enough strength to swim back up for air. So instead they sink to the bottom of ocean and die...I never knew this about whales, but it makes total sense. It's a long trek to get to the top of the ocean layer and a whale could die in the process. It's pretty dark...but oddly poetic if you think about it.


Cutting your lawn is terrifying.

That cut grass smell that so many people love is actually a chemical distress signal your grass is sending out into the air. It's like your grass is sending out tiny screams, but you just keep cutting. I love the smell of cut grass, so when I found this out, m y heart sank a bit. But that won't keep me from cutting my grass!


This plant is called the "suicide plant".

The gympie gympie tree is native to Australia and is also known as the "suicide plant." It has tiny hairs all over its body and can be compared to tiny hypodermic needles. When touched, the hairs can stick into your skin and inject a toxin which can cause a pain to the area that can be compared to being covered in acid and being set on fire. The pain lasts for months to years. Oy. It looks so normal but it's the tiny razor sharp hairs that are insanely dangerous. Don't come near this plant or you'll be sorry!


The sun could cause a worldwide blackout.

The sun sends out coronal mass ejections, like supermassive bursts of plasma energy that could cause a blackout on Earth. One of these bursts could knock out our power grids, satellite and internet for decades. One of these bursts just missed us in 2012 and we have a 12% chance of being struck by another. I never had a fear of plasma energy hitting the earth, but now I do! How did I not think of this before!


Your body will attack itself if it detects a threat.

Your eyelid prevents your immune system from detecting the inside of your eye. If a puncture allows the outside of your eye to meet the inside of it, your immune system could attack your eye and identify it as an invader. I never thought about it that way, but eyes are technically on the exterior of our bodies. They technically should be completely covered at all times. How weird!


Heart disease can strike at any moment.

Sometimes the first symptom of heart disease you'll see is sudden death. That means you could be walking along and suddenly drop dead all because you have an undiagnosed case of heart disease. This definitely scares me and I've actually heard it happen so your vegetables! Yikes!!


The "ring of death"

When baby sea turtles are born their main priority is to get to the ocean as quickly as possible. If a flashlight or bright is flashed in their eyes, it can permanently damage their eye sight. They can get off course and mistaken the light for the moon which guides them to sea. This is so so sad and I wish I could just help these little turtles find their way home. But because unnatural light is literally everywhere, it's hard to avoid this.


Sloths can die from starvation on a full stomach.

There is plenty of food around for sloths to eat and they do eat it. But not every sloth can digest their food because the microbes in their stomach die due to low temperatures. This means that although their eating food, they can't extract any nutrients and so die from starvation. This is just insane. Even if a sloth eats the proper amount of food, it can still die? But they seem so relaxed, maybe they don't care?


You can contract gingivitis from kissing!

That's right, gingivitis bacteria can grow from teeth decay but it can also be contracted from kissing someone! So make sure you rinse your mouth out after kissing your date. Ok this never occurred to me but it makes sense. Gingivitis is a bacteria that lives in your mouth and if you kiss someone else that bacteria can get passed onto another host. Oh jeez. Just remember to floss.


There is a disorder where people pretend to be cows.

Boanthropy is a psychological disorder where people actually pretend to be cows. They try to live their life as a cow, this is true. This disorder is apparently related to another disorder, lycanthropy which is where a human believes they are a wolf. There aren't many case studies or accounts or boanthropy but there are still some which makes it mega weird. If you see a human grazing in the grass they could very well think they are a cow.


Families in Slovakia have Christmas Carp.

Every Christmas, families in Slovakia keep full size carp in their bath tubs a few days before Christmas, after which they kills the fish and cook them for Christmas dinner. What the what! I guess Slovakian people want the freshest fish available so they let it swim around in their tub. I mean whatever floats your boat.


Banks have "wealth psychologists"

Some banks have wealth psychologists on staff to counsel ultra-rich clients who are mentally incapable of coping with their immense wealth. They also counsel parents on how to raise kids who re not spoiled by money. I've heard that when people become rich they actually because more aware of how they're spending their money and that can make them crazy. But this is just excessive.