How Much Do You Actually Know About Jaiden Animations?

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As explained on Jaiden Animation's fandom site, [Jaiden Animations] "is an American YouTuber, animator, storyteller and comedian who draws and animates many other stories about her life and personality, and random things that happen in her life, especially with her pet parrots Ari, and Tofu. Most recently, Jaiden uploads videogame animations."

Something interesting to note is that when Jaiden first started out on Youtube, she did not want her face to be known. She remained hidden from the public eye because she didn't want people to have an opinion on her based on her looks. During Vidcon in 2016, she took pictures with people and that's where everything switched. During the convention, her face was leaked by an undisclosed person. While she was still quite hidden for the next year, she did choose to officially reveal her face on April 6th, 2017.

Jaiden is (and has been) very relatable to many young adults with her unfortunate, yet all-too-common mental health and eating struggles. While in college, she suffered from bulemia and anorexia, as well as anxiety, depression and body dysmorphia. The silverlining is that she has now overcome them and has been an inspiration to those who look up to her who may also be going through similar struggles.

Having said all the above, what more do you know about Jaiden Animations? Could you pass an entire quiz about her, her drawings and videos? Find out below!

What was the name the old lady scream out to call Jaiden with?

What Did Jaiden Suffer From and Concord.

How Many Dogs Does Jaiden Have???

In her Trailer what did she say she used for her audio back then??

Did Jaiden Make Animations For Ihascupquake???

What Jaiden Favorite Pokemon???

Do you like jaiden???

What was the 3rd thing they drew from Drawing Characters From Memory?

How long did Jaiden and the girl talk on the plane???

What did Ari and Jaiden's Mom compete against????

How does Jaiden react to a fan saying " Am I baka for having crush on Ari? >.< Me no baka, chuu~~!"

Pick a Jaiden fan art

POP QUIZ!!!!!!!!!!!Whats Jaiden's Full Name??????

What does jaiden look like?????

Where did Jaiden get stuck?



I'm sorry but you failed, try again and get a better score



You barley know about her but it was a good try. Try again.



Well You tried your best but if you did this on a test you would get 8%.



I am sorry but you only know her very little...



You Know her a lot but not a lot to get 100% try again



You Know her on the back of her head. :D

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