Get High on Weed With These 3 Options Available in Marijuana Dispensaries

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Is your local marijuana store disappointing every time with inferior quality stuff? It happens mostly when you prefer an unauthorized dealer because they are cheap. After the legalization of marijuana, continuous researches are introducing highly potent versions of strains & concentrates that you may have never experienced. However, adulteration with synthetic intoxicants is gradually increasing which has severe consequences on health. Therefore, it is advisable to go with the options of licensed marijuana sellers who have contacts with renowned global brands. Still, we mostly get confused at the time of purchasing because of the countless varieties. Even if you search in the section of strains, around 400-500 names will appear at online portals. Identifying a reliable brand is easy from its online rating but identification of the right product is difficult. Sometimes, we end up with a medicinal variant at marijuana dispensary of OC after investing heavily. Here is a list of reliable variants as per the recommendation of experts. 

Black Hash

Hash or Hashish one of the traditional marijuana concentrates popular all over the world because of their potency level. However, all hashes are not the same. Nowadays, many sellers are providing you hash by compressing dry strains. They are capable of getting you high but the purity level is not equivalent to the black hash. The traditional black hash is processed by rubbing a mature plant leaves with hands. Its impact is much smoother & higher as compared to the light brown hash you buy from the local medical dispensary near you. Ask the seller to show the black hash. If someone manage to avail, ask them about Malana Cream. It comes at the topmost ranking in the quality of hash. Its delicate & creamy texture is completely different from the rest of the options you will find. You can consume it in a joint or vaping device.

Marijuana Wax

Consider wax as the modern version of hash. Rather than rubbing with hands, the thick wax-like substance is extracted from leaves through the mechanical process. Pressing leaves under specific temperature and pressure releases pale yellow substance which is known as wax. Wax contains more than 50% THC which is enough to immerse you in euphoria with just a few puffs. It is advisable to inhale wax with the help of a dry herb vaporizer.

THC Rich Vaping Concentrates

Vaping concentrates are also the modern versions of marijuana that are easily available in an authorized marijuana store near you. However, identification of the right concentrate is a big issue because some of them are only meant for enjoying flavors and only contains 5 to 10% of THC. While purchasing the vaping concentrates online or from a local store, always check its THC level. If you are an expert marijuana user, it must not be less than 30%.

Apart from these top thee variants, you can also go with the options of highly potent strains. Some strains of Indica, Sativa & Hybrid contains more than 40% of THC. Before buying any marijuana product, it is advisable to read the post-consumption impacts because some of them will keep you hyperactive whereas others are highly seductive.

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