Proper Way To Catch Some Zzzz's

Ways to get your best night's rest

Skylar Strait
Created by Skylar Strait
On Aug 20, 2015

Your day has ended so make time for yourself

Your day has ended. After you clock out, take time to unwind and relax your mind and body. As soon as you leave work for the day it is pertinent to take time just for you, whether it's taking a nap or going to see friends, whatever helps you unwind. You want to make life count however, we work so much that we do not want to miss our lives. Make time for family and friends.


Story Time- Read a good book before bed

Reading can help your mind unwind and become stress free and teach your brain to be more productive for the next day ahead. Not to mention it is scientifically proven to make more positive than negative dreams while asleep. Bill Gates reads avidly before bed and c'mon I think he has his stuff together.


Spend time with your loved ones as much as possible

We may fight and then again we need them. Our families will always be there for us and seeing them can help not only your mental and emotional health but physical. Seeing loved ones releases endorphin's in the brain and in general just keeps blood pressure regulated even though some people disagree it really does. As long as you have healthy conversations and time well spent with family it will improve your health and help sleep as well. It just feels nice to talk to a loved one before hitting the hay.


Planning, Planning, Planning

Planning for the following day is a key thing to do before bed. Getting clothes ready, making meals or having keys set out ready to go all of these can help you more efficiently get out the door in the am and save you the stress of not being able to find your keys at the last minute and unplanned morning will make a messy day!


Let go of the electronic world around you!

Time to turn down everything electronic, this includes: Cell Phones, Laptops, Ipads, TV even a radio. Just turn it all off and go to sleep. We use these enough during the day do we really need them right before we sleep too? It is fine to charge your devices but maybe in a different room and turn off the volume while you are sleeping! Loud noises will interrupt sleep and bright light also. Keep your alarm on but everything else off.


Write down all of your accomplishments and goals for the day

Write down in a journal all the happy and fulfilling things that happened in your day. Maybe you had a good talk with a co worker or you got a raise who knows what each day brings but it's good to be grateful for all that is handed to us and how we handle it. Do this each day and by the end of the month look at them and see how far you have come or things you may need to work on.


Do the things you need to do ahead of time

Now, everyone procrastinates from time to time but it really can destroy a well planned out day. Tell yourself I need to get this done or there will be consequences if it is something with a deadline. Even not you should still remind yourself this needs to get done now!


Sleep zzzzz

How much sleep a person needs depends on each person. Some people may only need a few hours while some need more like 9-10 hours. Regardless if you get too little or too much sleep it will have an effect on your day.