Looking for games for your baby shower check these 15 out

These fun ideas will rock your baby shower

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Price is right baby shower game

Have your guests at your baby shower guess how much these typical infant items cost.


How big is momma to be's belly game

Take a long piece of yarn and wrap it around the Mother to be's tummy and take an estimate of how big it is


Classic Name that Poop chocolate diaper game

Take candy Bars and melt them into a diaper and have guests smell and guess what candy bar is in the diaper.


Blindfolded Change a Diaper game

See how well those guests of yours can change a diaper blindfolded hehe


My Water Broke Game

Put little babies from the craft store in water and let em freeze and put them in your drink when they melt say "My Water Broke" a classic fun party game.


Fun Gender Reveal games

I love the way this Gender Reveal game looks, it is very well done and a simple way to see what everyone thinks is it a little gal or little lad?


Guess the Baby Photo game

Try and guess who is who from their baby photos lots of fun and laughs.


What's that Baby Food game?

Have a slurp of some Baby Food and write down which one you think it is.


Guess who wrote the funny message on the diaper game

Making changing 5 billion diapers fun, well kind of.


Who can decorate the best onesie baby shower game

Grab a plain white onesie and let friends decorate away, whoever makes the best onesie gets a prize.


Pin the Sperm game

an educational twist on pin the tail on the donkey


Animal Gestation period game

Guess how long it takes these animals to give birth.


Advice book for parents to be

Get a fun cute scrapbook at a craft store and have guests write on pages advice for the future parents. Im sure there will be lots of funny advice and also some really great advice.


Feed the Baby game

Make cutouts and have your friends feed the "Babies"


Baby Scattergories

Play baby scattergories with guests and you could make several rounds for more fun.

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