List of Top 10 Construction Companies in Thailand

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List of Top 10 Construction Companies in Thailand

Construction has always been an integral part of civilization. The greatest of great architectures of all time have built down some of the fascinating architectural pieces of all time. Here are the top 10 construction companies in Thailand who have entirely revolutionized modern-day Thailand. Some also deal with super flat floor tolerance.

1.     TK Flat Floor:

Founded in the year 2005, There is no doubt that TK Flat Floor became the solely company in Thailand that specializes in the flatness and levelness on industrial floors such as warehouse, factory and distribution centers since 2005 with high technological machines and finishing tools supported by more-developed country in term of construction field.

2. Land & Houses (LH):

Land and Houses is the oldest construction company in the country. The property dealer is famous for building some of the most elegant buildings in the country. From condos to townhomes, the builders have expertise in every field. The company sells its most premium houses under the brand Quality Houses (QH). Both the companies are public companies, and both of them enjoy a fair share of fanfare. So if you are searching for a construction company Thailand, then there is nothing better than LH. The company also makes super flat floor tolerance for its prime customers.

3.     DCM Solutions:

DCM solutions is another famous construction company Thailand. The company believes in a customer-centric approach and makes sure that it delivers the best projects at affordable prices. All its buildings are super flat floor tolerance and are built to stand firm even in the worst climatic conditions. The company tries to keep the entire process as simple as possible, along with creating a win-win strategy for all.
4.     Asian Property:

With its business in almost every primary sector of the construction industry, the Thai company is a leader in the arena. The company is known for its ultra-luxurious condos and is also a major winner in the cheaper house segment too. But all is not well the firm. The company’s primary project in Phrom Phong has not been sold out even in four years of its release.

5.     CH. Karnchang Public Ltd Company:
Incorporated in the year of 1972, with a lump sum amount of Baht 1.4 million, the company was previously a public company. In the initial days, the company dealt with civil construction works and then went on building construction works for esteemed clients like the Royal Thai Army. Later on in the year 1981, CH Karnchang went on form an alliance with the Tokyu Construction Co. Ltd. to learn the advanced construction technique and form a strategic business alliance.

6.     Major Development:

Established in the year 1999, Major Development has been building high-end luxurious homes since its inception. The Poolvoralaks family manages the company. The family also owns the popular movie theater chain called the Major Cineplex. The firm deals with almost everything in the construction company Thailand. From hotels, offices, and high-end casinos, the company builds everything.

7.     DC Asia:

Dorsch Gruppe, or DC Asia, is one of the most recognized construction businesses in South East Asia. The company is more than 34 years old and has branches in almost every major city of the Asian continent. The company had very humble roots and is now a significant superpower in the field of construction. Some of the significant projects of the company include constructions like the Xayaburi Hydroelectric power station and the Bangkok Railway System. The company is recognized as one of the most potent construction company Thailand in entire Asia.

8.     Pre Built Public Company Limited:

Established in the year 1995, Pre Built Public company ltd. prides itself about high-quality engineers and architects all over the world. Just within two years, the company went public, and since then, there is no looking back for the company. From time to time, the company invests in the latest technologies and is heavily committed to bringing out the best techniques in the construction business.

9.     Ananda Development:

Ananda Development is a relatively new player in the industry in the industry but has gained market dominance within a small period. The company takes pride in its ultra-luxurious, futuristic condos that come up with super flat floor tolerance. The company chiefly targets the millennial who constituent the majority of its customers.

10.     PAE Thailand:

PAE is one of the largest companies in Thailand. The company was established in the year 1964 and has operations in all major locations of Asia. The company is also a pioneer in significant oil and gas petrochemical industry in the nation.
The list may look exhaustive, but these are some of the finest builders in the entire country. They have multiple offices and are always in search of exciting opportunities.

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