20 Things You Should Know About Lily Casey-Smith

Lily Eveline Casey-Smith is the grandmother of Jeannette Walls. Jeannette wrote a novel based upon her life.

Created by Shaylee
On May 22, 2016

Lily Eveline Casey-Smith was born in Toyah, Texas in 1901.

The book claims she was born in 1901 while online it claims she was born in 1903. A photo of Toyah, Texas.


Lily started training mustangs on her family's ranch at the young age of 5.


On the ranch when Lily was growing up, there were peacocks that her father meant to breed and sell. Peacocks were not in demand in Texas at the time.


Adam Casey who was Lily's father had speech issues and a slight limp from a horse accident years before, and so Lily ran most of the ranch from a young age.

I believe this is a picture of some of the land Lily's family used to own.


Lily attended a Catholic school called the Sisters of Loretto Academy of Our Lady of the Light.

The actual church Lily attended.


Her loyal horse of over twenty years named Patches, was a half-broke horse she trained herself.

A horse that is somewhat similar to Patches.


At the young age of fifteen, Lily passed a government test to become a teacher, since there was a shortage of teachers during WWI.

A class in the time of WWI.


Lily traveled 500 miles on her horse Patches for her first job as a teacher.

A cowgirl on her horse in the early 1900's.


After taking a break from teaching and returning to her family farm, Lily moved to Chicago.

Chicago in the 1920's.


Lily worked as a maid for a while when living in Chicago.

A maid in the 1920's.


Lily met her first husband Ted while living in Chicago. She divorced him after a while, since she discovered he had partook in bigamy. He already had a wife and three children.


Lily taught in county where literally almost everyone was related since they married their family members.

A large family from the early 1900's.


Lily took in her pregnant sister Helen, since Helen needed help figuring out what to do with her out of wedlock pregnancy.


Lily was the one to find Helen when she hung herself because of the pregnancy.


After Helen and the babies death Lily felt the urge to bring another baby into the world, so she married a man who had captured her interest.


Lily had their daughter Rosemary a year or so after the got married. A year and a half later, Lily had Little Jim.

Rosemary and Little Jim on the ranch horse.


Lily loved to fly airplanes.

An airplane from the early 1900's.


At one of the places Lily taught, she drove a hearse around to pick up students and take them to school.

A hearse from the early 1900's.


Even though Lily never liked Rex Walls at all, she offered to pay for all of Rose Mary's wedding as long as it was in a Catholic church.

Rosemary and Rex on their wedding day.


Lily died on November 1, 1967