Know About the Unique Features of VA Home Loans

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On Feb 11, 2019
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The United States have announced VA home loans exclusively for war veterans, their widows and the current military service holders to assist them in the process of getting home. This is a very welcoming step on the part of the government to pay back to the section of people who have contributed so much for the national security. As the process of securing payment involves a lot of formalities, contacting an agent who deals in VA mortgage in Houston and other areas will help individuals to complete it in a less complicated manner. Moreover, it is important to choose the best mortgage loan which will be suitable for your requirements and you receive the benefits out of it. Professional guidance is more than necessary in this respect.

The VA home loan is not like a regular home loan

It is because the terms and conditions involved with this loan are quite different from a traditional home loan. This loan is uniquely designed for army veterans who want to invest in a primary residence or refinance their current mortgage loans.

You can enjoy certain advantages of this type of loan. Let’s discuss them

●      Zero Down Payments 

A VA mortgage loan comes with absolutely no down payment for the buyer. In other words, you can say the loan will come equally to the sale price or the appraisal value of a home. The loan allows the veterans to acquire a home loan based on their annual income and credit history without a down payment towards the sales price of the home. However, the veterans have to pay the closing cost of the loan. 

●      Concessions from the Seller

The VA loans enable the seller to assist the buyer with 4 percent of the closing cost of the loan. This ultimately helps the veteran to buy a house of their choice and decreasing the burden of the closing of the loan. This is called seller concessions which cover the title fees, the funding fee and the mortgage company fee etc.

●      Reduce Rates

The VA mortgage loans come with competitive rates and are not based on the credit scores, unlike the traditional mortgage rates. It does not set any fixed interest rates. Your lender will decide your interest rate according to your income level. 

●      The Absence of Mortgage Insurance

There is no monthly mortgage insurance associated with VA home loans. It allows 100 percent mortgage financing. However, there is a standard limit of the size of the loan. A veteran can purchase up to $484,350 and this is applicable in most parts of the country. You can talk to your VA mortgage agency to know about the exact loan limit of your area. 


Consulting an agency like us, who is an approved lender and who have so many years of experience in handling Houston VA loans, you will secure the best loan to buy your home in the country.

You can contact us at 888-295-4055 to know more about how to avail the best Houston VA mortgage loan for you and your family.