10 Nerds From TV Shows Who Are Actually Kinda Hot IRL

Nerds are so hot right now. We love these guys for the nerdy characters they play on tv, but now we love them even more for how sexy they are IRL!

Sara Maniscalco
Created by Sara Maniscalco
On Jul 19, 2017

Jay Baruchel

Jay plays Josh Greenberg on FXX's Man Seeking Woman, a nerdy Jewish guy who's awkward AF around the ladies which you would never assume was the case IRL.


Kumail Nanjiani

Nanjiani plays "Dinesh" on HBO's hit show "Silicon Valley". Though he's very convincing as a tech-obsessed geek on the series, he sure doesn't look like one in real life.


Wilmer Valderrama

We all know and love Wilmer for his hilarious portrayal of "Fez", Eric's nerdy immigrant friend on That 70's Show. He may have worn sweater vests and a lame haircut on tv, but in real life he prefers leather jackets and just the right amount of scruff.


Johnny Galecki

Would you have ever guessed what a fox Leonard from "The Big Bang Theory" is? He might be considered a science geek on tv, but man...this dude's a straight up babe on his off-hours.


Zach Braff

We know Zach Braff as the main character of the now canceled hit TV show "Scrubs". His character, J.D.; was famous for being socially awkward and a bit of a "loser" around the hospital. Nowadays though, he's got serious hot dad vibes.


Adam Brody

What's a list of hot nerds without Adam Brody? When the O.C. first came out, girls everywhere were swooning over his "adorkable" ways. He's pretty much the reason nerds are popular right now. So thank you, Adam — for being the hot nerd that you are.


Zachary Levi

Zachary's character in Chuck literally works for a company called the "Nerd Herd". Though he plays a computer geek for his job, when the day is done he turns back into his truly, dashing self.


Rainn Wilson

Rainn plays possibly the most famous television geek of all time — Dwight Shrute. Now that the "The Office" has been cancelled though, he's back to his sexy, rugged self — perfectly tousled hair and all.


Kunal Nayyar

Another contender from "The Big Bang Theory" team. Though Kunal plays a super nerd with little to no fashion sense on TV, he cleans up REAL well when he needs to. Into it.


Kevin McHale

Though all of the glee club members on the hit television show "Glee" were technically "nerds"...Kevin was possibly the nerdiest of them all. He's gone from playing a zero on tv to total hero IRL.