Harry Styles Is Having a Moment. This Is Why

There's no one like Harry.

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Feb 2, 2022
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What Harry Styles has achieved is just amazing. From his iconic career in One Direction (with amazing songs like What Makes You Beautiful, Story of My Life, or Drag Me Down) to his solo era, Harry has proven to us he is totally worthy of the "Pop Icon" title.

The "Sign of the times", "Two Ghosts" and "Watermelon Sugar" songwriter is now totally ready to return with the "Love on Tour" that's gonna take him to stadiums all across the USA, Europe, South America, and more what shows us the huge impact he has all over the world.

However, Harry's not only a great singer and writer. Mr. Styles is also a STYLE icon (omg, have you ever seen his looks on stage!?), he is always supportive of the most important and amazing causes and he is totally great with his fans.

So, why is Harry Styles one of the biggest stars of the moment? Let's take a look...


He is a fashion icon.

HE SERVED US WITH ALL OF HIS LOOKS! If Harry's not upset about something, is about wearing whatever he wanna wear, no matter old thoughts about genre and identity, no matter where or when. It doesn't matter if he is on stage, on a fashion gala, walking on the street, Harry's always ready to leave us open mouth because...How does anybody look sooo well wearing, literally, anything!? I really wish I could.

We've seen him wearing delicious costumes (like Dorothy from Wizard of Oz on stage), a bright pink ballet dress from a photoshoot, some amazing tuxedos and suits and...MEN! He really is a fashion icon.

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He's always supporting the best causes.

Something really cool about Harry is that he's also really supportive of too many benefits causes and, let's face it: that's adorable, right? We've seen her cutting his own hair in order to support "Little Princess Trust", a British non-profit association dedicated to making wigs for children who have lost their hair in their fight against cancer in the United Kingdom and Ireland; or let's take a moment to remember when she called little Emma, a girl who suffered heart disease, and, together, they sang along "Sweet creature", one of the fans favorite; or every time Harry's supportive with the LGBTQ+ community on and out of stage; or every time he tries to break the classic schemes of masculinity and femininity that tied us to really old ways to think on life. Harry, thank you for using your voice and speaking so loud!

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His music is amazing

If you haven't heard "Watermelon Sugar", "Adore You", "Sign Of The Times" or "Kiwi"...Where have you been!? Harry has accumulated a huge amount of songs that have already become classic pop songs not only during his time as a One Direction member but on his solo career as well. There's something about his versatility, his soft and also potent voice, his raw lyrics, his fresh and catchy sound that make Harry a real promise in music... yes, more than the one he actually is!

Harry has replicated and even perfectionated classic pop sounds from icons such as Prince, The Beatles, Coldplay, and Elvis himself. The result? Well, the numbers are showing the result! Million of Youtube views and Spotify streams sold-out stadiums all over the world...HE IS THE DEFINITION OF SUCCESS!

This writer favorite ones: From The Dining Table, Meet me in the Halfway, and Cherry.

Are These Facts About Harry True Or False?

1 / 6

He has almost 40 tattoos

2 / 6

Which animals is he super afraid of?

3 / 6

His first band name was White Skimo

4 / 6

His favorite color is black!

5 / 6

He always sleeps naked

6 / 6

Adele gave Harry her "21" album on his 21st birthday!

Questions left

So, why is Harry Styles one of the biggest stars from the moment? He has proven to us he is a bops generator, he can empathize with his audience, he's always ready to give us content and he is a SHINING SOUL.

Harry, please, do not ever change who you are. We adore you!

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