10 of Taylor Swift's Most Intimate Songs, Explained

She is the songwriter of our generation.

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Dec 13, 2021

Taylor Swift is one of the biggest artists of this century and she has totally earned this recognition. Why? Because she has won soo many awards, her songs are heard all over the world over and over and over again, because she knows exactly how to put in a song everything we feel, because she has the biggest relationship with her fans.

However, if someone distinguishes her from many artists, is that she writes all of her songs and she does it exquisitely fine. Poetry, vivid images, the most accurate words... she really knows how to write a song. Here's why we brought you here the story behind some of Taylor's songs you might not know.

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This song has become a 100% anthem amongst swifties and...we can totally get them. The lyrics, the feeling, and now we the 10 minutes version...OUCH, MY FEELINGS! To understand the story behind this song, we gotta travel in time back to 2010 when Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift were dating. They met on SNL and they started a relationship that didn't last too many months but we know now, from the information we got from the song, that it wasn't the healthier and better relationship there ever was. Age difference, something he never called 'love' and a scarf in order to make TayTay write one of her most amazing songs ever.

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"All Too Well"

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Ronan is a heartbreaking song TayTay dedicated to the little Ronan Thompson back in 2012, a boy who passed away at four years old because of terminal cancer. Taylor read some stuff Ronan's mother, Maya Thompson, wrote on the Internet and decided to use it on this song who has also supported some funds against Cancer. We know, for sure, this is gonna break your heart...

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Taylor giving us amounts and amounts of drama in a song? WE'RE HERE FOR IT! After eeeeverything the media said about her, their relationships focusing on her, and her manipulating attitude with the guys, Taylor released Blank Space where pictures herself as a psychotic girl who does nothing but plays with boys. Turning critics into a SMASH POP HIT? Only Taylor could do it...

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"Blank Space"

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Okay, but...do you need to say sorry to some ex-lover? Here you have the song. Rumor has it Taylor Swift wrote this song to... Taylor Lautner! Let's go back to 2009 when life has no covid and we were different people to remember that cute relationship that it didn't end up well :( However, Taylor changes completely the definition of DECEMBER by creating this sad ballad where she says nothing but SORRY to the other man.

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"Back To December"

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Shade never made anybody less gay! You Need To Calm Down is a liberty anthem to everyone who's not afraid to be who they are and invite those in trouble, those who still live with the fear of what others might say to live in peace with themselves. Taylor shows up here supporting the LGBTQ+ community once again and we're here for it too!

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"You Need To Calm Down"

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Taylor does not only write about love and relationships but everything that happened to us in life and things that really concerned us. Forever Winter is a clear example of it where she explores mental health and suicidal topics. The song is about someone really trying to help someone who's crying on the inside, needing so much help but with the narrator of the story unable to do anything. "If I was standin' there in your apartment I'd take that bomb in your head and disarm it".

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"Forever Winter"

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There's no way you can't hold your tears while listening to this. Soon you'll get better is a song Taylor wrote for her mother Andrea who's fighting against cancer. From her album Lover, the song says things like: "who am I supposed to talk to?, what am I supposed to do If there's no you?" reflecting Taylor's sadness while picturing a world without her mother. Okay, we're broken now.

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"Soon You'll Get Better"

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Writing alongside Aaron Dessner, Epiphany is one of the Folklore's saddest songs which describes that feeling of devastation, pain and hurt during COVID-19 pandemic. The song pays tribute to all health workers whom Taylor compared her veteran grandfather, Dean, who fought in WW2. There's something ethereal, sad, magic, and nostalgic in this song that makes it one of the most emotional peaks on this album.

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“Marjorie” it's her grandmas, name: Marjorie Finlay. It's a song, in her words, about her grandma who still visits her even though it's only in her dreams. Marjorie was an ópera singer and it is said that inspires Taylor to dedicate her life to music. We cannot do anything more but thank her!
There is a line of this song where we can hear some piece of advice Marjorie gave to Taylor:
"Never be so kind, you forget to be clever; never be so clever, you forget to be kind"... So accurate!

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