The Fastest Quiz EVER! Are You The Biggest ‘The Flash’ Fan?

Answer as fast as you can!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Oct 27, 2021

He's not only one of the best superheroes but he's got one of the best superheroes in TV shows and films ever. You get it super fast, right? We're talking about The Flash, either played by Grant Gustin or Ezra Miller or whoever we love this superhero. Are you a fan of him? Let's take the fastest quiz ever to figure it out.

>> Which 'The Flash' Character Are You?

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John Wesley Shipp was the first person ever to play The Flash

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The first The Flash comic was released on 1956

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The Flash lives in Chicago

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The Flash lives in Central City, a place quite similar to...which city?

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Ezra Miller has played the character several times

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The TV Show about The Flash premiered on 2017

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How many 'human' popular names does The Flash have?

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Who wrote The Flash?

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Which of these is not a The Flash enemy?

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Which of these is the actual nickname of The Flash?

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In Which Of These DC Movies Does The Flash Appear?

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