Which 'The Flash' Character Are You?

Are you Barry Allen or Iris? Maybe Cisco or Caitlin? To find out which character's personality matches with yours, answer the following questions!! Have Fun!!!

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S.T.A.R Labs Particle Accelerator has exploded, surging Central City with radiation. What superpower would you want to receive as a result?

What color would you Outfit be?

Pick someone to date!

Pick an Enemy

Favorite Season?

Which element is most appealing?

If you were stuck on an island, which item would you bring?

Rules are meant to be:

What is your goal in life?

What kind of Leader are you?

Favorite Villain of The Flash

Finally, Favorite 'Ship' of The Flash

Barry Allen

Barry Allen

You're a savior with a heart of gold. You are a typically socially awkward geek but you have an extraordinary talents and skills. Going though changes often scares you but you keep an open mind. You have a strong sense of justice but you also believe in taking matters into your own hands.

Iris West-Allen

Iris West-Allen

You are smart and charming person who likes to have fun and always think positive. No matter how tough a situation gets, you always see the light at the end of the tunnel. Though you have a curious mind, you easily get bored. You are also oblivious to the things happening to people around you.

Caitlin Snow

Caitlin Snow

There's no science about it - you've got smarts! You are incredibly talented when it comes to solving problems, even in the face of danger. Because of your nature, you can be high-strung, and sometimes it's hard of you to let go and enjoy yourself. But once you do, you are tons of fun!

Cisco Ramon

Cisco Ramon

You are a super cool, down to earth person and a nerd at heart, who loves making references to the geeky things that you love. You are a bit awkward, but your friends love that about you. Everyone loves your attitude (although it can become a bit annoying) because you’re so optimistic and it takes quite a lot to bring you down: you are one of the most loyal people on the planet; you would do anything for the ones you love.

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