Nick, Joe, or Kevin? Choose the Jonas and We'll Determine Your Perfect Career

Can we choose the three of them?

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Mar 18, 2023
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This quiz is BURNIN' UP for you, baby! Yes, because if you grew up in the 2000s, you had probably spent hours and hours listening to the Jonas Brothers, singing songs out loud, and, why not, having a crush on them. This is why we thought... Why can't they help you determine the best career for you? I mean, they've known you for ages, right?

Now we're the kids of the future and we gotta choose a career...but first choose a Jonas to see what you get! emoji

>> Who Is The PERFECT Jonas Brother For You? <<

Who would you pick to go on a date with?

Who do you think is the most romantic one?

Which Jonas would you choose for making a playlist with you?

And which Jonas would you pick as your stylist?

Which Jonas would you choose to play the role of you in a biopic?

Which Jonas might bake the best brownies?

And which Jonas might create the best drinks?

Choose who you think is the most focused Jonas!

And who is the most creative brother?

We're way too close to finding out your perfect career! Next: Choose the best Jonas to hit the gym with you!

Last question! Which Jonas would you choose to make a duo?

You should be a BAKER!

You should be a BAKER!

You're creative and like to innovate and a career in gastronomy might be great for you. Why not try to be a baker? You'll relax and prepare delicious stuff!

You should be a MOVIE STAR!

You should be a MOVIE STAR!

You've got passion in your veins! You love art and you love being the center of attention. A career under the reflectors might be the best for you. The camera LOVES YOU!

You should be an ARCHITECT!

You should be an ARCHITECT!

You're a calculative and logical person. You have everything already set up in your mind and don't miss any detail. This is why being an architect might be the best option for you!

Which of these Jonas Brothers BOPS is your favorite?

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