Nick, Joe Or Kevin? Who Is The Perfect Jonas Brother For You?

This is an S.O.S!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Aug 19, 2022
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Celebrate Joe Jonas' birthday (actually, he's now 33, can you believe it?) which means we should listen again to every single Jonas Brothers' song again, and again, and again. Pop songs, ballads and classic throughout their entire career that joined us in our youth. It's impossible not to love them!

Nick, Joe and Kevin have been our platonic for years, right? Now it's time to see which of them would be perfect for us. Let's go!

Which of these do you prefer for dinner?

Which of these words fits you the best?

In a party, what kind of person are you?

Choose an animal!

How many times have you been in loved?

Choose a Jonas Brothers' song!

Will you forgive an infidelity?

Which of these placer would you rather visit?

What's the most important thing in life for you?

Choose a colour!

Which of these cartoons is your fav?

Joe's for you!

Joe's for you!

Joe is someone happy, funny, hilarious...the actual life of the party! For someone like you who loves to party, have fun, hanging out with friends, you'll find Joe is the best for you!

Nick is for you!

Nick is for you!

Funny, clever, romantic...Nick is a wonderful person for someone like you who's always in the need for MORE. If you want kisses at midnight and poems everyday, Nick's for you.

Kevin is for you!

Kevin is for you!

Someone simple, shy, who doesn't mind being in the back as long as he have an easy life. That's what you need: peace. And that's why Kevin is perfect for you.

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Which of these do you prefer for dinner?

Which is your favorite Jonas Brothers album?

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