Movie or Book: Where Did These Harry Potter Moments Happen?

Don't take this quiz if you have dranken butterbeer!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Jul 22, 2023
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Harry Potter was definitely an important character in most of our childhoods. The story of this young wizard has brought us into a fantastic world of witches, magical creatures, and eternal friendships. How much of a Harry Potter fan are you? If you REALLY are a huge fan, you'd probably know that Daniel Radcliffe (our dear Harry) is now turning 34 years old so, why don't we do something to celebrate his big day?

We're challenging you to a Harry Potter trivia test to check if you remember where some situations and moments happened: In the movies or books? We're ready to test your magic knowledge!

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First question! A Poltergeist appears....

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Harry, Ron & Hermione met Neville's parents.

3 / 10

The hug between Draco Malfoy and Voldemort

4 / 10

In the movie, Hermione and Ron kiss in the Chamber Of Secrets but in the books, they kiss...

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In the movie, Ginny Wesley and Harry kiss in the Room Of Requirement. But what happens in the books?

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Harry Potter's eyes were GREEN in...

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Voldemort dies turning into 'dust'.

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Was the Elder Wand broken by anybody or not?

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Where is it mentioned that Filch is a SQUIB?

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Last one! The appearance of Winky happens in...

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Which Harry Potter movie was the best book adaptation?

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