10 Interesting Facts About Daniel Radcliffe We BET You Don't Know the Answers To!

Happy birthday, dear Daniel!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Jul 22, 2022
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He's not only our favorite wizard: Daniel Radcliffe is one of the most lovely actors in the United Kingdom and we love him!

Now he is turning 32 years old and plenty of those with a great acting career on his back: 'Harry Potter', 'The Lost City', 'Horns', 'Kill Your Darlings' and soo many others were he was just GREAT.

Are you a great fan of him? Do you think you know him well? Let's see if you can have a perfect score here!

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He's passionate about poetry

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His favorite 'Harry Potter' book is The Goblet Of Fire

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His favorite actor is Ben Stiller

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His first role was at the age of 14

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He loves repairing old cars just for fun

6 / 10

Daniel suffers from dyspraxia

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While making 'Harry Potter', he wore more than 160 glasses

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One of his favorite bands is...

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He appeared naked on a play called...

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He played the role of David Copperfield when he was young

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