10 Purrrfect Reasons Why You Should Have a Cat

You've cat to be kitten me right meow.

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Aug 17, 2021

Picture this: you're arriving home late from work or school, you open the door and you see your cat walking to you while purring. SUPER adorable! After celebrating international cat day, everyone needs to have a cat, and if you don't like them or you are a dog lover, here you have 10 reasons why you should have one.

Time for the TRUTH: Are you A Cat Person Or A Dog Person?emoji emoji


Having a cat is great for dealing with stress

If you're having a bad day, if you feel stressed, there's nothing better than holding your cat in your arms and give each other plenty of love.


They're great against depression

For those who are struggling with some kind of depression, cats are great. Because of their temperament, cats are quiet, calm, and easy-going so you can handle them with no hurries. Besides, it'll give these people the opportunity to keep up with some little routine like feeding or cleaning them.


Their purring is relaxing

Ok, but have you ever been really close to a cat so that you can hear it purring? Isn't it the funniest, and cutest sound you've ever heard? Spoiler alert: IT IS. Besides, it is great for our health: it's good to lower the stress and for our heart. A-MA-ZING.


Cats are great for your heart!

Well, yes...they're lovely and super cute BUT ALSO really good for your heart. According to a university study, people who live with a cat have 30% fewer chances to have a heart attack than people who doesn't.


They are so independent they almost do whatever they want!

Besides being funny, a little bit grumpy, and super cute, cats are REALLY independent. They don't need too much care and they do whatever they please so...you can almost do your normal life without worrying too much for them


Cats are great at learning new stuff

Change them the location of their food, teach them where's their new place for sleeping or where they can scratch all the time they want...Cats are great at learning new stuff. We all wanna be them, right?


They're great for kids!

Kids should really have a cat not only for playing and company but for their health. Generally, kids who have a cat tend to have fewer diseases than other kids. WOW, right?


If you're sick...CATS!

Do you know that your immune system might become stronger if you have a cat? Or that you might even recover faster and stronger from plenty of illness with a cat by your side? Amazing, right?


They are excellent strategists

Dogs are crazy. They can run after anything that appears in front of their eyes and drive insane...BUT CATS? No, no, no..They are actual thinkers, they take things with time and every single move on them is premeditated.


They are SUPER funny

Cats have their very own personality. You can find them cute, rude, angry, sleepy but we cannot deny they are TRULY funny. There's something on their faces, on their meow, on the way they ask you for food or give little tiny jumps when you scared them, right?

Cats are the best. And on this International Cat Day, all we can say is...THANK YOU, CATS! Thank you for everything!