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Is there anything Hugh Jackman cannot do? Probably not!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Oct 27, 2021

We've seen him acting, singing, dancing and... EVEN FIGHTING! He is one of our favorite actors ever and now he's turning 52! (I really wish I could look like him when I turn 52, yikes) Do you love him as much as I do? Okay, then, let's find out how much do you know him!

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Where was he born?

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Which of these is not a movie from him?

3 / 11

When did the present The Oscars?

4 / 11

Which character did he play in Les Miserables?

5 / 11

What was his character job on The Prestige?

6 / 11

For playing which famous superhero is he famous?

7 / 11

Which is his father's name?

8 / 11

On which TV Show / Movie was his debut?

9 / 11

Which movie did he release on 2021?

10 / 11

When was he born?

11 / 11

What's his second name?

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