5 Facts About Hugh Jackman's Role As Wolverine To Get You Ready For LOGAN

Nobody knows Wolverine like Hugh Jackman, but how much do you know about his portrayal of the character?

Johnny Bosshart
Created by Johnny Bosshart
On Mar 3, 2017
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With a staggering nine Wolverine film appearances under his belt, it's safe to say that no actor has had a bigger role in the cinematic X-Men universe than Hugh Jackman.

Jackman made his firs appearance as Wolverine 17 years ago in X-Men and now will be making his final appearance as the claw-some badass in Logan. (More on that final appearance in a minute though).

To mark Logan coming out in theaters and help say farewell -- for now anyways -- to Hugh Jackman's time as Wolverine, here are some pieces of trivia you might not know about his time playing the character over the years.

Nothing turns you into Wolverine like a cold shower

To help himself get into character for playing Wolverine on the first X-Men film Hugh Jackman adopted a routine of taking ice cold showers every morning. He'd jump in the shower at 5 AM with only the cold water on and in order to avoid screaming and waking his sleeping wife, he would grit teeth. He said this wanting to scream and lash out but holding back, helped him realize the mentality that Wolverine is constantly in. The ice cold shower routine then became part of his preparation for every X-Men film.

Rubber claws


Yes, Wolverine's claws are part of his body, but they're also fused with a metal that you'll find only in the Marvel universe called Adamantium -- so don't bother looking for it on the Periodic table.

Of course for filming the movies, Wolverine's claws were a little more user-friendly, because the studio couldn't have Hugh Jackman accidentally slicing off James Marsden's ear or something. For filming, the special effects team used over 700 different claw blades made from plastic, rubber and yes, steel.

Jackman got jacked

The Wolverine Diet Plan isn't for the faint of heart.

On the left you'll see circa 2000 Wolverine, fit but not exactly take on Apocalypse fit. And on the left you'll see Days of Future Past Wolverine. Yeah, Hugh Jackman got JACKED, man.

The actor started really bulking up for X-Men Origins: Wolverine by adopting a high-intensity workout and from there it just got more extreme. For his next Logan-centric film, The Wolverine, Jackman said that for his shirtless scenes in the film, he wanted to look "as ripped and cut as possible". So he adopted a dehydration diet (used in bodybuilding) where he did not consume any liquid for 36 hours before filming his shirtless shots. (PlayBuzz suggests you don't try this.) He even contacted the Dwayne Johnson -- who knows a thing or two about bulking up -- for advice. The Rock suggested to Jackman that if he wanted to put on a pound a week then he should eat 6,000 calories a day of high protein and rice.

He had the idea for Logan after getting drunk

This is how Hugh Jackman wakes up every morning.

Never let anybody tell you that alcohol doesn't foster creativity. That was the case at least for Hugh Jackman when he came up with the idea for the movie Logan. While doing press for the promote the sci-fi film Chappie, director Neill Blomkamp asked Jackman what he was going to do with Wolverine and Jackman said he hadn't really thought about it. Later that night, after having several glasses of wine the actor said he fell asleep before waking up at 4 a.m. with the idea for Logan. Jackman grabbed his phone and summed up that the next film in the Wolverine trilogy would mix of the movies Unforgiven, The Wrestler and Shane.

Jerry Seinfeld is to blame for Hugh Jackman retiring Wolverine

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Yep, no more Hugh Jackman calling bad dudes "bub" before slicing them up, and it's all comedian Jerry Seinfeld's fault. Jackman basically said that during a conversation with Seinfeld he realized he wanted to go out while he still enjoyed the role and before the audience got sick of seeing him on the big screen playing the character.

How do you feel about Hugh Jackman retiring his role as Wolverine?

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