Bat-Signal! Only Batman Best Fans Will Know the Answers to All Of These Questions

*throaty voice* The Dark Night is coming.

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Oct 19, 2021

Guys! It's back! We've got a new Batman movie and now I'm realizing it was all I wanted and needed. Robert Pattinson is starring The Batman which will release in March 2022. Do you have a favorite Batman? Which is your favorite movie about the Dark Night? D'you think you are his biggest fan? Uhm...I'm not sure you'll pass this quiz! Let's try!

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Who are the creators of Batman?

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What is Batman's butler name?

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Which one of these men directed a Batman movie?

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What is Bruce Wayne Mother's Name?

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What's the name of Batman's very first story?

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When was Bruce Wayne born?

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Which of these actors has played Batman's role?

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Who's the main villain on The Dark Night?

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When did The Dark Knight Rises premiere?

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Which is Catwoman's real name?

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What is Batman's main superpower?

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